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Crypt Sermon started out as a four-piece Philadelphia-based Doom Metal group that has been gaining plenty of headway within the underground. The initial line-up consisted of Unrest colleagues Brooks Wilson (Trenchrot) on bass and Steve Jansson (Infiltrator( on guitar, as well as guitarist James Lipczynski (strong>Labyrinthine) and a man known as Reek or, in this case, EES (Ashenvult, ex-Coffin Dust) on drums. In 2013, the band issued Demo MMXIII digitally through their Bandcamp account, which was picked up for a cassette pressing by Dark Descent Records in early 2014, the same year that saw Brooks step down as bassist to helm vocals, thus introducing Will Mellor (Hivelords) to the mix. Officially signed to Dark Descent as a five-piece, we are given their debut full-length effort, Out of the Garden, for an early 2015 release. But is it one really worth checking out, or is it not even worth a second glance?