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Once again, North America finds a decent selection of albums hitting its shores this week. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to really sit down and explore any of these albums, but below is the list of what’s due out today.

Adrenaline Mob: Coverta (Elm City)
Damnation Plan: The Wakening (Coroner)
Fit For A King: Creation/Destruction (Solid State)
Godyva: Alien Heart (Southern Brigade)
Heavatar: Opus I: All My Kingdoms (Napalm)
Hot Lunch: Hot Lunch (Tee Pee)
Illnath: 4 Shades Of Me (Pitch Black)
Mortillery: Origin Of Extinction (Napalm)
Necrocurse: Grip Of The Dead (Pulverised)
Neroargento: Underworld (Coroner)
Nolentia: May the Hand That Holds the Match… (Kaotoxin)
Orange Goblin: A Eulogy For the Fans-Orange Goblin Live 2012 (Candlelight)
Patria: Nihil Est Monastica (Drakkar)
Rammstein: Videos 1995-2012 DVD (Density)
The Saint James Society: Bab(a/y)lon Rising (Tee Pee)