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We’re just off of Easter, and there’s a slew of new albums due out for this week! 2013 is becoming a heavy year for new albums, though we do see some reissues again for the first time in a short while. Check out what’s hitting store shelves, physical or digital, this Tuesday, and all associated reviews on this site for them!

Abyssal: Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius (Profound Lore)
Adema: Topple The Giants (Pavement)
Azure Emote: The Gravity Of Impermanence (Selfmadegod)
Beyond The Shore: Ghostwatcher (Metal Blade)
Bleed From Within: Uprising (Century Media)
Blood Bright Star: Solar Infinite (Antithetic)
Bring Me The Horizon: Sempiternal (Epitaph)
Chasma: Codex Constellatia (Moribound)
Dead Awaken: Where Hope Turns Dripping Red (Abyss)
Echtra: Sky Burial (Temple Of Tortuous)
Finntroll: Blodsvept (Century Media)
For Today: Prevailer EP/DVD (Razor & Tie)
A Hero For The World: A Hero For The World (Jacob K)
Hypocrisy: End Of Disclosure (Nuclear Blast)
Killswitch Engage: Disarm The Descent (Roadrunner)
Lost Society: Fast Loud Death (Nuclear Blast)
The Mongoloids: Mongo Life (Six Feet Under)
Monsterworks: Album Of Man (Mortal)
Morgengrau: Extrinsic Pathway (Blind God)
Moss: Horrible Night (Metal Blade)
My Endless Wishes: My Endless Wishes (Doolittle)
Niacin: Krush (Prosthetic)
No Consequence: IO (Basick)
Pryapisme: Hyperblast Super Collider (Apathia)
Septicflesh: The Eldest Cosmonaut (2013 Reissue) (Season Of Mist)
Shadows Past: Perfect Chapter (Doolittle)
Spock’s Beard: Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep (Inside Out)
St. Vitus: C.O.D. (2013 Reissue) (Season Of Mist)
Thy Art Is Murder: Hate (Nuclear Blast)
Toxic Holocaust: From The Ashes Of Nuclear Destruction (Relapse)
Warbeast: Destroy (Housecore)
Wardruna: Yggdrasil (Indie)
Years Of Tyrants: Leading The Blind (Kaotoxin)
Zozobra: Savage Masters (Brutal Panda)