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The following is a list of all Metal releases due out this week according to press releases and promo packages received.

APRIL 27TH, 2015
Axel Rudi Pell: Magic Moments – 25th Anniversary Special Show (Steamhammer / SPV)
Carbonized: For the Security (Vic)
Emerged: Letting Go of Certainties (Vic)
Freedom Call: 666 Weeks Beyond Eternity (Steamhammer / SPV)
Grá / Gnosis of the Witch: Split 7″ (Iron Bonehead)
Haar: The Wayward Ceremony (ATMF)
Iglomat: Tic Tac Toe (KFM)
Kommandant: The Architects of Extermination (ATMF)
Minsk: The Crash & The Draw (Relapse)
Mordenial: Where the Anges Fall (Vic)
Paganland: Fatherland (Svarga)
Radioactive Vomit: Ratsflesh 7″ (Iron Bonehead / Vault of Dried Bones)
Raven: ExtermiNation (Steamhammer/SPV)
Seagrave: Stabwound (Art of Propaganda)
Spite: Trapped in the Pentagram 7″ EP (Iron Bonehead)
WhiskeyDick: Welcome to Yeehaw Country (Rusty Knuckles)

APRIL 28TH, 2015
Amidst the Withering: The Dying of the Light (Self-release)
Dawn of Azazel: The Tides of Damocles (Self-release)
Elderoth: Mystic (Elderoth Entertainment)
Furor Gallico: Furor Gallico (2015 Reissue) (Scarlet)
The Insight: White Noise (Crysella)
Noise-A-Tron: Vast Arcane (Bleeding Light)
Secret Sphere: A Time Never Come [Re-Recorded] (Scarlet)
Vardan: Despicable Broken Hope (Moribund)
War Iron: Precession of the Equinoxes (Self-release)

APRIL 30TH, 2015
Atomik Destruktor: Unnatural Disorder (Helldprod)
Dark Void: Release the Kraken (Self-release)
Kesä: Kesä (Svart)
Khaos Dei: Tell Them Lucifer was Here (Osmose Productions)
Sulphur Aeon: Gateway to the Antisphere (Van / Imperium Productions)
Vasomortus: Instrument Torture of Pyramid (Brute Productions)

MAY 1ST, 2015
Aion: Verses of Perdition (Goathorned Production)
Deadspace: The Promise of Oblivion (Self-release)
Goatblood: Adoration of Blasphemy and War (Dunkelheit Produktionen)
Kamelot: Haven (Napalm)
Leave the Living: Pacifist (Self-release)
Marginal: Chaos and Anarchy (Helldprod / Murder)
Sect Pig: Self Reversed (Nuclear War Now! Productions)
UnKured: Mutated Earth (Sliptrick)

Please note: All release dates can change at a moments notice. Also, an album that isn’t Metal at all may slip through the cracks and make it on this list (for which I apologize in advance for). I do my best, but sometimes I cannot sample all releases listed for various reasons, and I am left going by the label, band, or PR companies own word, not to mention may just be an idiot and completely overlooked something that in no way fits the site’s format.