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It’s another interesting week of Metal releases, including a few DVDs that really do seem nteresting and worth your time. Sadly I don’t get DVD promos most of the time so that’s the best I can do for you, but as far as new albums go, there’s a good number I’m anxious to tear into, and some I’m hesitant to do, such as the reissue of Horror Metal by Cadaveria, simply because my last encounter with anything related to that band was far from pleasant. With a slew of smaller name groups, you do still have Dark Tranquillity, Antigama, Sacred Oath, and ASG to look forward to. Either way, below is a list of all albums due out today in North America, as well as links to any and all coverage this site has for them.

Age Of Taurus: Desperate Souls of Tortured Times (Metal Blade)
Antigama: Meteor (Selfmadegod)
Anvil: Hope In Hell (The End)
ASG: Blood Drive (Relapse)
Black Star Riders: All Hell Breaks Loose (Nuclear Blast)
Blood Ceremony: The Eldritch Dark (Rise Above)
Burial Vault: Incendium (Apostasy)
Cadaveria: Horror Metal: Undead Edition (Bakerteam)
Cerna: Restoring Life (Domestic Genocide)
Chaostar: Anomima (Season Of Mist)
Dark Tranquillity: Construct (Century Media)
Dew-Scented: Insurgent (Prosthetic)
Dio: Finding The Sacred Heart: Live In Philly 1986 DVD (Eagle Rock)
Eldkraft: Shaman (Poison Tongue) [First Impression]
Gardenjia: EPO (Memorial)
Gevurah: Necheshirion (Profound Lore)
Haraball: Sleep Tall (Fysisk Format)
Humiliation: Turbulence From The Deep (Deepsend)
Iron Tongue: The Dogs Have Barked, The Birds Have Flown (Neurot)
Judas Priest: Epitaph DVD (Legacy)
Kylesa: Ultraviolet (Season Of Mist)
Leprous: Coal (Inside Out)
Lux Interna: There Is Light In The Body… (Pesanta Urfolk)
Mortuary Drape: Tolling 13 Knell Re-Release (Peaceville)
Pasadena Napalm Division: Pasadena Napalm Division (Minus Head)
Sacred Oath: Fallen (Angel Thorne)
Shining: One One One (Prosthetic)
Slidhr: Deluge (Debemur Morti)
Sound Of Contact: Dimensionaut (Inside Out)
Tesseract: Altered State (Century Media)
Zombiekrig: Den Vänstra Stigens Ljus (GMR)