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Here’s the brief list of what is being released today here in North America. You will also find links to all available coverage hosted by this site:

The Aristocrats: Culture Clash (Boing)
Beyond: Fatal Power Of Death (Iron Bonehead)
Caro: Letchworth Village (Rogue)

Evan Brewer: Your Itinerary (Sumerian)
Jucifer: за волгой для нас земли нет (There Is No Land Beyond the Volga) (Nomadic)
King Conquer: 1776 (Mediaskare)
Kryptos: The Coils of Apollyon (AFM)
Phantom Glue: A War Of Light Cones (Black Market Activities)
Phillip Anselmo: Walk Through Exits Only (Housecore)
Seven Witches: Rebirth (Frostbyte)
Stomach Earth: Stomach Earth (Black Market Activities)
Trouble: The Distortion Field (FRW)
Witches Mark: Witching Metal Ritual (Heaven and Hell)