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Autumnblaze: Every Sun is Fragile (Pulverised)
Chimaira: Crown Of Phantoms (eOne)
Death Mechanism: Twenty-First Century (Scarlet)
Death SS: Resurrection (Scarlet)
Dehuman Reign: Destructive Intent (FDA Rekotz)
Five Finger Death Punch: The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume 1 (Prospect Park)
Hammercult: Anthems Of The Damned (SPV)
Honduran: Street Eagles (Eolian)
Lawless: Rock Savage (Escape)
Legion: Woke (eOne)
Mercenary: Through Our Darkest Days (Prosthetic)
Outer Gods: Light Dims Eternal (Domestic Genocide)
Perversion: Pillars of the Enlightened (Blast Head)
Purify the Horror: Untitled EP (Sociopathic Sound)
Scordatura: Torment Of The Weak (Blast Head)
Twins Crew: The Northern Crusade (Scarlet)
Venrez: American Illusion (Monarch)
Wound: Inhale The Void (FDA Rekotz)