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Arceye: At First Light (Hostile)
Asking Alexandria: From Death To Destiny (Sumerian)
Centuries: Taedium Vitae (Southern Lord)
Dead In The Dirt: The Blind Hole (Southern Lord)
Deadlock: The Arsonist (Napalm)
The Defiled: Daggers (Nuclear Blast)
Empty Flowers: Five (The Path Less Traveled)
Exhumed: Necrocracy (Relapse)
Fueled By Fire: Trapped In Perdition (Noiseart)
Hell Or Highwater: The Other Side EP (Pavement)
Hidden Masters: Of This and Other Worlds (Rise Above)
The Icarus Line: Slave Vows (Agitated)
Impiety: The Impious Crusade EP (Hells Headbangers)
Iwrestledabearonce: Late For Nothing (Century Media)
James LaBrie: Impermanent Resonance (Inside Out)
Last Chance To Reason: Level 3 (Prosthetic)
Lebensnacht: Syksyn Kuoleminen (Naturmacht)
The Lumberjack Feedback: Hand Of Glory (Kaotoxin)
Mortis Mutilati: Nameless Here For Evermore (Naturmacht)
Newsted: Heavy Metal Music (Chophouse)
Night Demon: Night Demon EP (Shadow Kingdom)
Norma Jean: Wrongdoers (Razor & Tie)
Nothnegal: Nothnegal EP (Season Of Mist)
Pillbuster: Pillbuster (Stonerkill)
Orbweaver: Strange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon EP (Primitive Violence)
Powerwolf: Preachers Of The Night (Napalm)
Revocation: Revocation (Relapse)
Sinister Realm: World Of Evil (Shadow Kingdom)
Witherscape: The Inheritance (Century Media)