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The following is a list of all Metal releases that are due out in the next seven days based on promos and press releases received.

OCTOBER 23RD, 2016:

OCTOBER 24TH, 2016:
Necroven: Primordial Subjugation (Memento Mori)

OCTOBER 25TH, 2016:

OCTOBER 26TH, 2016:

OCTOBER 27TH, 2016:

OCTOBER 28TH, 2016:
A Province of Thay: Atonement (Carrion Choir)
Albez Duz: Wings of Tzinacan (Listenable)
Altered Perceptions: From Rise to Ruins (Artery Recording)
Atlantic Tides: Atlantic Tides (Scarlet)
Axis of Despair: Mankind Crawls (Give Praise)
Cognitive: Deformity (Unique Leader)
Crowbar: The Serpent Only Lies (eOne)
Deranged: Struck By a Murderous Siege (Agonia)
Endemise: Anathema (Self-release)
Krypts: Remnants of Expansion (Dark Descent)
Madder Mortem: Red in Tooth and Claw (Dark Essence)
Netherbird: The Grander Voyage (Black Lodge)
Noveria: Forsaken (Scarlet)
Principality of Hell: Sulfur & Bane (Osmose Productions)
Steel Hook Prostheses: Calm Morbidity (Malignant)
Theocracy: Ghost Ship (Ulterium)
Thought Vomit: Punks Brutal Retaliation/Sync the Skies (Self-release)
Ulcerate: Shrines of Paralysis (Relapse)
Wang Wen: Sweety Home, Go! (Pelagic)
Whores.: Gold (eOne Music)

OCTOBER 29TH, 2016:

Please note: I admit this is far from a complete, comprehensive list, but these are accurate to the dates given by the appropriate record labels and/or pr firms. All release dates can change at a moments notice. Also, an album that isn’t Metal at all may slip through the cracks and make it on this list (for which I apologize in advance for). I do my best, but sometimes I cannot sample all releases listed for various reasons, and I am left going by the label, band, or PR companies own word, not to mention may just be an idiot and completely overlooked something that in no way fits the site’s format.