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Plants Vs. Zombies Adventures

Plants Vs. Zombies has become a cultural phenomenon among casual gamers. Many have been anxious awaiting the follow-up entry, and, in the process, fans learned about a new title for Xbox One, and a beta version on of the Facebook adaptation: Plants Vs. Zombies Adventures. This isn’t the simple castle defense style title, instead offering RPG like elements and the ability to explore your town.

The core concept of this game is similar to the original one. Zombies come up from the ground and you have to place plants on the lawn to take them out, or at least hold them back. However, your house now becomes a town. The more levels you complete in the Road Trip section, the more land and other plants you unlock. This version also has some new ones including a peashooter that shoots bees. The more stages you complete when on the road, or by simply clearing out things from your yard or your neighbors, the more experience you earn. Just what that experience does, however, is unclear.

The biggest change here, other than the top-down exploration concept similar to most Facebook games like this, is that you have to grow your own plants. You earn coins from your house or various other things such as clicking on your house or random tool sheds. At the end of a battle while in Road Trip mode, your plants burst into coins from happiness if you win. You need these coins to buy the plant seeds to grow your weapons and defense. On top of that, you have to put them down along the walkways to your house in between stages, as random zombie attacks do occur, as well as attacks your friend may have orchedtrated, even attacks you initiate when visiting a neighbor.

Most of the rounds in this are pretty short, but even by the third level of the second map for Road Trip, things do get pretty rough. A good deal of zombies come out at once, making it hard to continue with just sunflowers and peashooters since you’re allowed only five of each at any time during a stage. You can always buy more, and some helpful other things, but most of the effective ones require red gems, and it seems the main way to get them is to pay real money. Other than that, the short round levels are still fun, and allow you to play two or three without in a short amount of time.

With a few restrictions set into play, and the need to grow your own plants eating away at what precious time you have, Plants Vs. Zombies Adventures does end up a fun way to kill a few minutes. Of course, this game is absolutely free to play on Facebook, but it does end up being a game designed with the intent to hinder your progression unless you use your credit card. Even if you don’t do this though, there’s still some brief defense puzzles and multi-path terrains you need to defend with some basic RPG elements to give the player a reason to go back and replay stages.