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Acheron: Kult des Hasses

Underground Death Metal legends ACHERON have debuted a new song, titled “Raptured to Divine Perversion,” with Terrorizer Magazine. The song comes off the band’s recently completed Kult des Hasses, their first album since signing with Listenable Records.

Check out the exclusive premiere of “Raptured to Divine Perversion” here.

On Kult des Hasses, ACHERON founder Vincent Crowley has been joined on this album by longtime drummer Kyle Severn and guitarist Art Taylor. Also appearing on the record as a guest lead guitarist is Ricktor Ravensbruck from the bands WOLFPACK 44, ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB and WOLFEN SOCIETY. Kult des Hasses was recorded in Cleveland, Ohio at Bad Back Studios and mixed and mastered by Dan Swano of Unisound.

Guest vocalists on Kult des Hasses include Kam Lee (Ex-MASSACRE, THE GROTESQUERY and BONE GNAWER), Jim Lippucci (SOULLESS), John McEntee (INCANTATION/FUNERUS), Jill McEntee (FUNERUS), Ash Thomas (ESTUARY/FAITHXTRACTOR) and Zdenka Prado (ESTUARY).


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