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Adema: Topple the Giants
Alternative Rock
Pavement Music
April 2nd, 2013
Release length: 27:50

Recently, the once bankrupt record label Pavement Music had been brought back to life once more. With the first set of releases announced, one of the acts to be included seemed out of place. Adema brings their melodic Rock sound to this incarnation of the infamous label, presenting their fifth album, Topple the Giants, for their loyal fanbase. Since I’m not one of them, I made the decision to get this one out of the way. Was this a choice that eventually put me out of my misery, or is Topple the Giants a surprising new album?

01. Resolution
02. Topple the Giants
03. Lions
04. Unstable (Adema cover)
05. Immortal
06. Planets
07. Giving In (Adema cover)
Initial Pressing Score: 6/10

Adema (band)

Digital review copy of this release provided by Pavement Music.