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Deeper into madness…

The gods of Horror Death Metal AEVANGELIST are back with a new sonic nightmare titled “Writhes In The Murk”, or the next phase in the existence of the band’s unique approach to experimental extreme dark music !

Ævangelist: Writhes in the Murk

Track Listing:
1 Hosanna
2 The Only Grave
3 Præternigma
5 Ælixir
6 Harken to the Flesh
7 Halo of Lamented Glory
8 Writhes in the Murk

This eagerly-awaited new full length album will be available in September through Debemur Morti Productions on CD, vinyl and digital.

“Writhes in the Murk” is a musically diverse downward spiral of horrifying bliss…a new journey towards blackness and nothingness.

The front cover was painted by Polish artist Andrzej Masianis and the layout created by Brian V.D.P..


Press release provided by Debemur Morti Productions.