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Today, cult Australian death metal upstarts ALTARS premiere the new track “Husk” on heavily trafficked web-portal “Husk” hails from ALTARS highly anticipated debut album, Paramnesia, set for international release on September 6th through NUCLEAR WINTER RECORDS, the label of erstwhile DEAD CONGREGATION vocalist/guitarist A.V. and which has thus proven to be a tastemaker in the death metal underground. ALTARS’ “Husk” can be exclusively heard in its entirety here:

For the past four years, ALTARS have been quietly honing their craft across a demo, two splits, and a single, but on the harrowing Paramnesia, the trio tear down all boundaries and set their sights for the abyss and ether alike. For Paramnesia is both death metal of a tangibly sepulchral, cavernously physical construct and yet brims with an almost-metaphysical levity as its serpentine structures and technical ecstasy work their black magick across its eight-song expense, reaching total transcendence during the final trio of tracks which comprise the three-part title track. Witness ALTARS’ Paramnesia and commune with unforgettable energies.

Altars: Dethroned and Uncrowned

Tracklisting for ALTARS (Australia)’s Paramnesia CD
1. Mare
2. Terse
3. Khaz’neh
4. Solar Barge
5. Husk
6. Descent (Paramnesia, part I)
7. Gibbous (Paramnesia, part II)
8. Ouroboros (Paramnesia, part III)


Press release provided by Nuclear Winter Records.