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Behold, new column to discuss and analyze the World Wrestling Federation and Total Nonstop Action! This has been something the fanboy in me has wanted to do for quite a while, but never really knew how to go about it. But with the recent betrayal within the ranks of the SHIELD, well, my Facebook wall blew up, and ideas flooded in my mind as to what this will lead to. I believed in them, and they honestly are one of the few reasons I still even follow the WWE. What started as a one paragraph post became a full-length article and a drive to make it public. But, for this post, we must beware, for the new Evolution has arrived! The King of Kings HHH! The Viper, Randy Orten! And… Seth Rollins.

Nope, it’s just not possible to say without laughing hysterically and wetting myself…

Let’s be honest, Roman Reign would have made a far better choice, or even Dean Ambrose considering his character’s eccentric side and, deep down inside, we all wished it would have been one of those two instead. But, I do get it though. He was the architect, the balance, the one member who ensures SHIELF would stick together. He was someone you wouldn’t expect. The impact of the treason just wasn’t as strong as it should have been. There should have been far more emphasis on the chair acting like a metaphorical blade that was used to stab the other two in the back to represent the betrayal at hand.

But at the same time it just makes no sense in future feuds or marketing for that matter. HHH, Orten and Reigns or HHH, Orten and Ambrose would sell better. Aside ticket sales the first option poses an imminent threat to the remaining SHIELD members, or the latter giving Evolution a hint of unpredictability that would also make them more dangerous. Swapping out Batista due to his contract ending for Rollins is comparable to replacing Kane with Jeff Hardy lite and leaves on the role of brotherly bond to play a factor when the three come face to face in the near or distant future.

I also get why the change now. The story line that really just needs to end at this point is going to go on for one or two more pay-per-view matches at the very least because SHIELD sells tickets. With Batista’s contract up, they needed to fill the gap in Evolution. It’s also unfair to keep these three as a tag team the rest of their career, so sending them on their own at some point was unfortunately inevitable. This leaves the battle ground unbalanced and leaves the only option of recuiting a new member for hounds of justice. With the recent surge of NXT talent coming over in non-Nexus style, it’ll probably be someone due to come over. But who?

Well, let’s take a look at who is there at this point. Most of NXT’s roster is fairly new at this point, not to mention mostly neutral or face. Mojo is way too face and over in his own. The same goes for Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville and Colin Cassady who is currently feudng with Aiden English. The Ascension are a tag team and will be treated as such. Tyler Breeze is too jaded to work with a team, and CJ Parker was taken out of the running when he debuted with the hippy gimmick a while back. Finally Bo Dallas is here and should have been built up as the new CM Punk instead of the less creepy version of Bray Wyatt, played by his real life brother and former character known as Husky Harris of the Nexus movement. Then there’s Adam Rose and his feud with Jack swagger, though there always is the option for his character to have an alter ego and bring Leo Kreuger back (which is what I hope for the most).

All of those are just out of the question though. NXT does still have a large stable, at least according to the company’s website. The problem is a lot of that talent isn’t really involved with the program, and hasn’t for a lot longer, making them more a distant memory and too forgotten to debut as the additional member of SHIELD. There’s really only one logical choice left: Corey Graves. We haven’t seen him in a while and if WWE’s entire development/creative roster has two brain cells to rub together, it’s going be him. He’s become sort of a neutral chaotic and hasn’t really gone over well. To be honest, Graves would have been the perfect substitute for Batista but, whatever, damage has been done, move along.

The next question is when? Let’s face it, the new member won’t debut right away. WWE likes to milk things for all they’re worth, so they will probably beat the SHIELD down for a while. If creative is smart though, they’ll push the new guy after two, maybe three weeks before the angle gets too stale. Considering Money in the Bank is right around the corner, chances are good no later than that pay-per-view event. But, who knows, it could go on until Summer Slam for all we know, and then will any of us even care at that point?

But would he work in the group you may ask? Probably not. Unless they pull a three-sixty and revert Corey Graves back to his original attitude, it could be written that he would be the friction between Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns that causes the SHIELD to officially collapse. The problem is that SHIELD needs to stay together for a while longer, so if he does end up joining the ranks he’ll be working against character, which will be a whole other hurdle to deal with for those who saw his two week run with the new attitude.

Unfortunately, no matter who they bring into the fold, it’s more than going to backfire. The only real way to pedal out of this and keep selling tickets (let’s face it, most of us watch the show for them at this point, especially after the joke they turned Leo Kreuger into) is to make it that Seth’s involvement with Evolution was a way to infiltrate and annihilate from the inside. This could very well lead to a four man team similar to the original line-up of Evolution and kind of passing the torch along that way. It’s a bit of a stretch, but it could happen if done right.

There’s very few ways for this scenario to play out and actually keep the fans happy. Given how Vince and most of the creative team loves to irritate us fans, chances are nothing I said will go down that way and this will all just a giant mess to assert that corporate is in control and nothing you say or do can stop it because nobody likes big business and plays the ultimate heel within its male soup opera. Hopefully something along the lines of what I fleshed out above happens because, logically, it needs to in order for things to actually work out and make the rivalry any more interesting than it already was, which wasn’t really in the first place, and maybe move on to the next angle sometimes by the years 2016 (not a typo).

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