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My Facebook account has plenty of people on there who torrent stuff. As many of you know, I’m not a fan of this, nor do I condone it unless what you are grabbing is long out of print and you simply cannot buy it anywhere. But, if you use it as a “try before you buy” system, I don’t necessarily mind, which is what a lot of them admit to doing. So, of course, a news story that has been making its rounds on various media-related websites has most, if not all of them riled up once more, and it involves the same people who shut down The Pirate Bay.

“It all began when the nine-year-old in question developed a penchant for Finnish pop in 2011, and realised she could not afford to by singer Chisu’s album. The savvy youngster did what anyone her age would — she turned to the web for help. After attempting to download the album via CIAPC’s nemesis, the Pirate Bay, her dad took pity and bought her the real mcoy. When he later received a letter from CIAPC accusing him of file-sharing and demanding he sign a non-disclosure agreement and pay a €600 (£486) fine, he ignored it. This resulted in the aforementioned 8.00am police raid and Winnie the Pooh laptop retrieval.”

He should have been given the chance to proove he had the CD in his possession to have the charged dropped on the spot after they intruded the home. Then if, and only if, they had reason to believe she shared the album (again, not fluent in how the laws work there so this line of justice may not work in that country), then take the laptop and search the hard drive for any possible links that may prove she seeded the recording with others, then apply the charge of the album for each count of sharing with a certain cap on it that could not be exceeded.

This is how this sort of situation should be handled in a perfect world. Sadly, this is not a perfect world. This sort of abuse, either from legal individuals or labels/artists themselves really does sicken me. I think that, with the coming years and digital distribution being so popular and growing, safeguards such as this definitelty need to be set into place moreso than literally just policing the internet with the way our government tries to do with CISPA and HIPPA and all those other laws being thrown about thart have yet to be signed into effect. We don’t need to terminate someone’s internet rights or anything of that extremity, but rather have these laws set into motion that would protect the financial aspect of those filing the charges in a proper, respectable manner that doesn’t single out the fans of the music and make it nearly impossible to live in this age, financially or otherwise. Yes, the industry for signed bands is tough right now, but so is it for the unsigned, and revoking such a powerful network tool for these musicians, even indie labels, is a path that goes too far, as does invading someone’s home instead of giving the guilty a chance to prove they did the right and legal thing.

Until then, the internet today and it’s copyright violations will always come under the power of tyrannical employees who, unfortunately, are just doing their jobs to enforce these laws that are too far out of touch with modern day technology. Especially if it’s against a child who probably never heard of Songify before, or just anyone with an internet connection and love for movies, tv, books, and especially movies, who are unaware of such free streaming audio.