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It’s my day off and I really don’t have the time, or ability, to sit down and concentrate on the new Order of Nine album Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror, which will be available through Nightmare Records on May 22nd. However, I did sit through it a few times now in my car, and figured I’d pop in and mention a few things about it, as well as the band. Don’t worry, a legit review will be loaded soon.Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror lasts over an hour, and honestly, if you’re in it for the music, it’s not a bad deal. My time spent with it showed that Order of Nine can compose some solid music, though never really anything too unique. Not once in any of the spins did I ever really feel energetic or like I was kicked in the ass because of it, though there were a few songs I did enjoy, including “Dreamspeak,” but that’s really the only one that left a huge memorable impact on me.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the music behind the album, but it could have had a little more bite. Unfortunately, that was something the vocals just couldn’t give. If you could picture Zakk Wylde handling the singing, but in a very restricted manner, almost really uninthusiastic or getting up there with age, then you have a good idea of what to expect. The effects utilized on them in various tracks didn’t help either.

The more I research Order of Nine, the more i’m lost. I never heard any of their previous material, and maybe when I have the chance I’ll check out their social network pages, but it seems they are listed as Power Metal in many places, but their label is pushing them as a Thrash Metal group. But, listening to Seventh Year of the Broken Mirror. I found some Melodic Death Metal thrown into the Power Metal inluences, but never really any Thrash. You can also pick up some traditional Hard Rock approach, again something one might expect of Zakk Wylde.

After a few spins of this in the car, I was done. Even now I’m sitting here with my headphones in giving it another spin, and I just can’t really get into it. Thankfully the tame, lifeless vocals are largely masked by the music, so I can easily look past them most of the time. Do I plan to throw this album back in the player? Not really any time soon, but maybe at some later point… But, I’ll definitely give it a more critical look soon.

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