Review – Arkaik: Lucid Dawn

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  • Bio: "Looking forward with ever increasing determination the band continues to seek out new boundaries of extremity and creativity – and then annihilate them." - Facebook
  • Label: Unique Leader Records
  • Release Date: October 30th, 2015
  • Genre: Technical Death Metal
  • Website: Visit Website
  • Rating (out of 10):

Arkaik is a band I always meant to dig deeper into, but never got around to doing so. After hearing the streaming track “That Which Lies Hidden” and the lyric video for “Awaken the I”, there was no denying the progressive death metal elements on par with later Death recordings would tickle the fancy of any fan of the style as a whole. Sadly, Lucid Dawn, released through Unique Leader Records in October of 2015, slid on by without much attention aside a few press releases being posted. So, its about time to take a bit and see what was missed.

Lucid Dawn is more on par with the likes of Abysmal Dawn and early Origin. “Awaken the I” is a solid example with it’s far more intricate approach with patches of grooves and steady rich bass kicks amid a number of tempo changes from furious to slow paced hopelessness. “That Which Lies Hidden” is a bit more grounded overall, casting a dark shadow with a deeper chugging foundation that only branches out in intricacies and hints of neo-classical build-ups. Much of this sums up “Fleshwalkers” as well, though it has a hint of hardcore attitude behind the obvious horror aspects. But there’s also some Atheist thrown into the mix with “Fusions of Epochs” and how it sounds like something off Jupiter, as well as the surprise Cynic-like jazz inspired bass solo on “Digital Sound”.

ArkaikLucid Dawn has a lot going for it in the line of technical death metal that is geared at pleasing a wide arange of fan bases. And, shockingly, Arkaik manages to pull it off most of the time. Once in a while the U.S.-based five-piece can cut it a little too close to another band’s sound, but overall the music is a mixture of crushing and atmospheric performances fans of the style won’t turn their noses up to. If you missed out on this one last year, then take the time now to experience what they have to offer.


Digital review copy of this release provided by Unique Leader Records via Earsplit PR.