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Arroganz: Kaos.Kult.Kreation

FDA Rekotz is proud to announce the signing of German death metal undeads, ARROGANZ.

The band’s latest and second album, KaosKultKreation, has been met with great response from every corner of the rotten crypt. ARROGANZ delivers blackened classic-styled death metal with its own unique markings. The band’s brand of metal is catchy but independent, raw, brutal and murderous. Their forthcoming third album will be released in 2014 by FDA Rekotz. KaosKultKreation is available on CD and vinyl formats at

While ARROGANZ is working on crafting the sickness that will become their next release, the band has booked several rituals.

Tour dates:
21.09.2013 – Storm Crusher Festival
02.11.2013 – Escape – Vienna AUT
07.12.2013 – Nocturnus Fest – Berlin
25.12.2013 – Muggefug – Cottbus


Link provided by Clawhammer PR.