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Coathanger Abortion: Observtions of Humanity

The time has come! Chattanooga, Tennessee’s Coathanger Abortion are finally releasing their long-awaited follow-up to 2009’s Dying Breed is upon us! Observations of Humanity drops today through Comatose Music, and thanks to one of the underground’s most dominant Death Metal labels, and the fine promotion porvayers at Clawhammer PR, is proud to bring you an exclusive stream of the track “Media Mindsnare”.

Observations of Inhumanity is currently available through Comatose Music. Pick up your copy right now at THIS LOCATION! And, don’t forget, if you missed out on their debut, Dying Breed, you can pick it up at there as well!

Coathanger Abortion
Coathanger Abortion
Audio approved for stream by Comatose Music
via Clawhammer PR.

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