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Colma, California’s Ruin was first forged back in 1990, but following their 1991 demo Sickening Ruin, the group disbanded. It’s now 2015, and the so-cal death metal trio have re-emerged on the scene, and they brought a brand new release with them. Titled Spread Plague Hell, the limited to two hundred and fifty pressed cassettes offering features four brand new vile compositions to wet the whistle of long time fans that waited ever so patiently, as well as new comers who may never have experienced their early wave of destruction. For now, Transcending Obscurity PR and Ruin have teamed up with to bring you the exclusive stream debut of “And Soon the Darkness”. Check it out below.

Disgustingly brutal, Ruin‘s latest release shows a great loss for the death metal community given the twenty four years this beast laid dormant. It’s great to finally have the group back in their most primal analog state. Some of the material present can even be compared to Macabre, pioneers of the genre in their own right. Spread Plague Hell wastes little time in making up for the silence, an this audio stream is meerly a sampling of the soul crushing dismay the band intend to unleash in the coming days…

If the above track peaked your interest, you can now pre-order your copy of Spread Plague Hell in cassette and digital formats through the band’s official BANDCAMP account. Spread Plague Hell will be available on September 29th, 2015 through Nero One Recordings.

Audio approved for stream by Nero One Recordings
via Transcending Obscurity PR.