Review – Ascension: Deathless Light

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  • Label: World Terror Committee
  • Release Date: October 31st, 2014
  • Genre: Black Metal
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Not much is known about the German Black Metal group named Ascension, really. At least, not a lot that the band is willing to make public. While the line-up is largely unknown by name, images exist that shows it to be a five-piece group that hails from Tornau vor der Heide, Saxony-Anhalt. Formed back in 2007, it wasn’t until 2009 that the band issued their With Burning Tongues demo, which caught the Black Metal community by surprise. Since then, they have found themselves signed to World Terror Committee in 2010, the year that also saw the release of their Fire and Faith EP. It wasn’t long after before their debut full-length Consolamentum was unleashed. That same formula would be followed again for 2014 with the follow-up album The Dead of the World, as well as their Deathless Light EP just prior to its release. But does this two song recording get fans ready for that larger offering, or does it accomplish the polar opposite?

Up first is the EP’s title track, which can also be found on The Dead of the World album. The song’s subtle brooding emotion found in the melodic leads establish the mood for what’s to come perfectly, even when belting out furious blast beats to give a far more aggressive touch to the main verses. There is a ritualistic sensation to be felt in the rougher shouting vocals that sounds common to early second wave Norse Black Metal, though it disappears when the pace slows to a far more grim output, such as the Doom Metal styled passage about half way in that trudges along with a very cold overtone.

Ascension“Deathless Light” is well worth picking up this EP for itself, not to mention does its job of getting the listener pumped for the band’s upcoming follow-up album. But this release also contains the exclusive bonus track “Garden of Stone” which, sadly, isn’t quite as powerful. It does establish that cold sensation very well at the start, keeping it in tact with a slower pace that is depressing at times, though rather ominous when it starts moving along faster. But, sadly, that’s about all the song has going for it. The music isn’t bad, but there’s little pay off despite how well paced everything ends up being. It isn’t until you approach four minutes in that it feels like the band isn’t trying to push forward while stuck in neutral, taunting a hint of energy that comes back into play a little later.

But while “Garden of Stone” isn’t the most engaging performance, Deathless Light‘s title track more than makes up for it. If you enjoy emotionally charged Black Metal that walks the line between traditional foundations and that of the Depressive style, then this compn recording is at least worth sampling, as it’s title track is guaranteed to get your excited for the following album. If you haven’t heard of Ascension before, then consider this a good introduction to an otherwise well received discography.

Digital review copy of this release provided by World Terror Committee.