Review – Assault: The Fallen Reich

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  • Bio: "Assault was formed in June 2006 by vocalist Clarence and later joined by guitarist Hanesh and bassist Syaz. After several lineup changes, current drummer Noh joined the band in March 2010 and our newest member Yuda on rhythm guitar joined the band in July 2011- Assault is currently a Five-Piece Death Metal Outfit." - Facebook
  • Label: Transcending Obscurity Asia
  • Release Date: May 10th, 2017
  • Genre: Melodic Death Metal
  • Website: Visit Website
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Singapore’s Assault formed back in 2006, but has been fairly silent as far as studio time goes. In fact, their debut recording was The Exceptions of the Rebellions back in 2011 roughly five years later. This was followed by another five years without anything new until this year with the brand new outing The Fallen Reich through Transcending Obscurity Asia. But does this six song effort finally put the band’s name out into the crowd beyond their home country, or is it something a little too late to matter?

Well, in little time at all, you can tell where some of the hostility and influence comes from. It’s easy to pick up on the dark melodic anger of DevilDriver, the thrash output of Vader, and even some hardcore influence in the vein of Dying Fetus. The latter is more apparent during the title track with its bouts of blasting anguish between each groove heavy chorus brimming with as much attitude as the guitar solo and the lead into it.

The former of those three is the most obvious and prominent. “Enslavement to Torture” brings in some of the group’s darker melodies and Arch Enemy grade anthems to weave a pretty strong performance that doesn’t quite have the hostility others here hold, but is made up for by the later guitar solo that adds a little extra energy to the mix. It actually pales compared to the closing track “Final Solution” and the touch of Vader familiarity found in the main verses. The rest of the composition is just electric with plenty of deeper riffs that take the bass guitar and just charge ahead without concern for any damage within their wake.

Assault“Spawn of Rage” is also worth noting, as it is the only cut of the album that comes off as anything considerably generic. It’s far from bad, but the melodic death material is pretty standard for this day and age, saved largely by some of the darker undertones and moments of blackened atmosphere that is both haunting and intensity when utilized. There’s also “Genocidal Conspiracy” which takes the band’s war themes and compliments them by heading into the guitar solo with a hint of hard rock The Sword would utilize. Before that point, however, the rich bass kicks of the drum kit hit the listener at a near machine gun pace, asserting dominance until that lighter final third.

While The Fallen Reich isn’t the most original entry into the melodic death metal world, there is no denying its a very well done piece from start to finish with enough diversity to leaves its head above water. There’s a great deal of enthusiasm on display alongside atmospheres that suit the grim and often war-torn aspects of the band’s writing to keep fans of the style returning for one spin after another. If anything, the biggest let down is that there are only six songs that weigh in at a little under twenty-two minutes, leaving listeners with one new creation for every year following and including the release of their The Exceptions of the Rebellions EP. But, in this case we have quality over quantity, a fact listeners won’t be able to argue against.

AssaultDigital review copy of this release provided by Transcending Obscurity Asia via Transcending Obscurity Records.