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It’s the return of Apocalyptic Visuals, and I have Josh Hadley, host of the podcasts Lost in the Static, Radiodrome, and What the Fuck?! has brought 10 songs together for you to check out. They’re not music videos, but it’s still music none the less. Span various genres in this brand new Youtube playlist!

1) A Dead Kennedys song that speaks to me and has lyrics that are ABOUT something.
2) This song always was a classic rock staple and brings me back to my childhood and the innocence of Science Fiction.
3) I just always liked this song.
4) A song that is about just how bad things were and how no one cared.
5) A song that is very much in the style of early Heart. I love this song.
6) A great heavy song with a video by Richard Stanley that fits right in with his 1990 film Hardware.
7) Powerful song decrying the bullshit that was infecting the metal scene in the late 80’s.
8) Great song from a little scene movie, performed by the directors brother.
9) Simply stunning cover of this Pink Floyd song.
10) This one was hard but it was this or Scream.