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Avulsed: Ritual Zombi

Less than two weeks after announcing the departure of Osckar Bravo, AVULSED have found a replacement after testing a few drummers. The new beast behind the drumkit is called Erik Raya, a very young but talented guy that’s actually playing drums for Spanish metallers SILVER FIST since 2011.

“Although other drummers tested were of very good level, we were especially impressed about Erik’s incredible technique and powerful way of playing. He’s perfect for what AVULSED is looking for!! A mixture of technical and pounding drummer that’s able to ensure the continuation of the band’s crushing live performances”.

If you want to see a sample Erik Raya’s abilities, you’d better check this video (you’ll freak out!), recorded one year ago where he’s displaying a fucking wide range of abilities here and also a cool cover of NILE’s “Sacrifice Unto Sebek” played at home here.

So… “from the rest of members in AVULSED, we want to give a big welcome to Erik Raya with whom we’ll continue spreading the brutality all over the planet!!”


Press release provided by Avulsed.