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Bandcamp Breakdown

Every day there’s a number of new releases hitting the digital market powerhouse that is Bandcamp. So much so that most of the benefits to its easy-to-use interface for creators and wanderers often makes it impossible to find anything of remote interest, burying a great deal of potential. In fact, in the metal world alone, the amount of new material dropping is completely overwhelming. However, I do stop by and plow through the daily releases quite often, quickly skimming until I pick up on something that sparks my interest. So, I decided to go ahead and start a weekly series that highlights five recordings I found on there that I think is worth checking out, or at the very least is from a band with plenty of potential. This won’t be limited to strictly new releases, though, for the most part, the day they hit the service is when I’ll mostly be judging them. However, if there’s an older one you want me to check out that you think would be worth some extra attention, shoot me the link to and I’ll give it a quick once over and see. But, for now, here’s this weeks choices, and I hope you like them.

Aside the fact this group of musicians from South Korea, South Africa, and Australia has themed their material and debut album Depths of R’lyeh after the ancient ones, and their album art featuring our lord and master Cthulhu (ia!), this five-piece nod to everything Lovecraftian sports a hefty line-up of many recognizable faces for the death metal community. Consisting of current and ex members of End These Days, My Last Breath, Vulvodynia, as well as Rings of Saturn, The Elite Five don’t try to rework the technical death metal and deathcore world, but they definitely have fine tuned it. Between moving melodic riffs, grimy complex riffs straight from the murky aquatic bed of the aforementioned bringer of insanity, all with well executed breakdowns that often feel like a snap from reality into the realm of the maddening, it’s hard not to walk away impressed. If you’re ready to gaze into the unforgiving and submit, then pick up your digital copy at THIS LOCATION for a very modest price.

Hamilton, Ohio plays home for the putrid death metal duo that is Grim Feast and, really, there isn’t much need of an introduction required. Just take Deceased, throw it in a blender with Autopsy and Impaled, hold the button until liquified, set until congealed, and you get Masturbatory Afterlife, a superb example of the nastier audio side of the genre. If you love your death festering in a pile of bubbling viscera and gore in an empty cave at the stroke of midnight, this is for you. You can grab this highly impressive digital debut for three dollars US at THIS LOCATION!

Vesper may not have come out too recently, but it’s still a little Bandcamp gem that many of you (including myself) may have overlooked back in 2013. The Polish black metal and shoegaze unit activated back in 2007, and since then have unleashed a demo, EP, and this full-length. With their follow-up album Ufonaut now available, Entropia have made this debut outing available as a “name your price” download, meaning there’s no reason not to check out this well received emotional, atmospheric, and at times experimental recording that has been compared to the likes of Altar of Plagues and Regarde Les Hommes Tomber. Place your physical order, or just grab your digital copy at THIS LOCATION, and be sure to check out their latest from last month on the side bar of the page as well!

Dramatic Lunacy is a one-piece progressive metal act hailing from Indonesia, and it easily surpasses any and all expectations. In Circle is a robust offering that doesn’t just stick with the style’s traditional values. Pioneers like Animals as Leaders, Dream Theater, and Periphery all stand as a template that this group takes and molds into a cohesive, highly atmospheric mesh full of hard hitting riffs, killer solos, and empowering eighties metal moodiness. This is the sort of relese that’s good for everything from just relaxing after a rough day, accompanying you during a workout, and everything in between. Best of all, you can grab this one as a “name your price” digital offering at THIS LOCATION! And be sure to check out the number of other releases Dramatic Lunacy has issued since 2014.

And in keeping with the progressive material, here’s the Mandroid Echostar self-titled EP from 2012. Yes, another older effort on the list, but still a fairly astonishing one worth checking out none the less. Each of the four songs breeds its own atmosphere thanks to the complexities in the material from track to track. But the one thing that makes this effort stand apart is the mixture of technicality and superb hooks from Sam Pattison, complete with the powerful vocal abilities Michael Ciccia. Hell, the whole band does a superb job in creating a truly captivating hybrid of what could be boiled down to Periphery crossed with Rush at its simplest terms. If you have an open mind and enjoy solid musicianship and talent, then grab the digital version of this release through the “name your price” tag at THIS LOCATION.


I will admit it up front, I debated on including this one to the list, largely due to the mastering and how the whole effort sounds. However, the more time I spent listening to it, the more potential I heard from this odd little Chthonic inspired five-piece, and opted to at least add it as an honorable mention. Necro-Cannibal Machinery tag themselves as being “Chinese Metal”, and the obvious taiwan influence is there at times. However, the group actually hails from Savonlinna, Finland, not to mention incorporqte traces of metalcore intensity in some spots, as well as hefty chunks of electronica that can make or break a song, such as furing “Fuck Your Dynamic Range”. For lack of a better term, it’s a fairly interesting amalgamation of industrialization and regional based folk instrument input that presents itself in a weirdly catchy, yet head scratching manner. Misanthropy, the group’s second album, can be grabbed as a “name your price” download at THIS LOCATION, which is good considering this is something that has no middle ground. Either you’re cool with it, or you loathe it and me for even including it here.

Feature article thanks to public streams available on Bandcamp.