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Bandcamp Breakdown

We all know the drill by now, and if not, here’s a quick recap: Every day there’s a number of new releases hitting the digital market powerhouse that is Bandcamp, and I stop by and plow through the daily releases, quickly skimming until I pick up on something that sparks my interest. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen last week given the recent job hunt my fiancee is going through, and my being the driver to each and every single one of the interviews. Sorry about that. But, I’m back, and here’s some new stuff that you, much like I, probably overlooked that is well worth checking out! So, if there’s an older one I might have missed out on, comment below with the link and why you think people should check it out! I could really use the suggestions because, seriously, I forgot how exhausting job hunting can be and can always use some more metal.

PICK OF THE WEEK – Oh man, Reanimator! The only reason I even know of these Canadian thrashers is due to a Galy Records salesman in the basement of a venue in Allentown, PA during a small metal show back in 2009. Looks like they’re back with a brand new album titled Horns Up, and it sounds like that vintage mix of thrash and crossover/so-cal influence that made me a believer upon hearing Ignorance is No Excuse! Infectious as hell, as groovy as it can be aggressive, and all around solid musicianship throughout the entire effort, it’s hard to begin singling even one song out as being a bad creation. Why? Because there just isn’t a bad cut in the house on this one it seems! If you’re a fan of the style, or consider yourself the “The Mosh Master” itself, you need to grab the physical or digital version of Horns Up right now at THIS LOCATION!

Mourning Wolf definitely stands as an interesting breed, but one that is highly addictive right out the gate. With traces of gothenburg in some of their melodic death metal material, the five-piece from Lansing, Michigan present a mixture of highly infectious riffs with a subtle, yet destinctive mood that casts a bleaker shadow over their already depressive performances. The whole time listening to this I couldn’t help but picture a gloomier version of Germany’s Deadlock around the time of Wolves, right down to wishing like hell vocalist Sabine Scherer, or someone as equally powerful behind the microphone, were to compliment the lighter, moodier moments and gristled growling found on this recording. The best part? It’s another “name your price” digital download at THIS LOCATION, and one absolutely worth experiencing since this is a band that is about ripe to make it big in the metal community.

Accelerator from Athens, Greece isn’t exactly that much of an unknown group, but they still fall under the realm of obscure outside their home country. The four-piece consisting of ex-members from Secret Illusion and Sarcastic Obedience released their debut full-length late last year through 91-77 Distribution in strictly limited numbers, but that hasn’t stopped fans from greatly enjoying the classic power and thrash metal mixture that makes up their sound. Just about six months later, they return with the even more limited Demo 83, named so for having eighty-three pressed, yet only thirty available through their Bandcamp account. Well, twenty-nine at least, as I ordered mine with pride the day it dropped.

At the time of writing this, the releae is still available, alongside their debut album and digital only version of their 2010 demo as a “name your price” download. So, if you want a physical, you better hurry to THIS LOCATION and grab grab yours before they run out! But, if you do, you can still get a digital download for three euros, which is still worth it for these four killer tunes.

There really isn’t much to be said about the latest effort from Poland’s Crown of Twilight that the Bandcamp page doesn’t already suggest: Instrumental black metal with doomy soundscapes. Other than that, this is an atmospheric one-man project that formed back in 2012, and has released a hefty amount of material in the past three years. 2016 alone saw a compilation, album, and now Radiance, a brand new four song digital EP full of abrasive landscapes that merge the droning brutality of bands like Redneck and Darsombra with the typical astral or frostbitten chill that normally accompanies the blackest of all metal styles, often without much of a hurry to reach a climax. It’s a euphoric release tame enough to throw on and just relax to with or without your favorite vice, all at the lovely cost of “name your price”. So, if you’re ready for your next out of body experience, head on over to THIS LOCATION and download it today!

Take the technicality of Suffocation and blend it with traces of Obscura‘s progressive tendencies and Behemoth circa-Demigod, and you get Fungus‘s debut album, Predatory Harvest. The international death metal group composed of current and past members of acts like Deep Odium, Amputate, Prayers of Sanity, as well as Neoplasmah (who’s album Auguring the Dusk of a New Era received high praise on this site back in 2014) don’t so much attack the listener with their brand of precision-based brutality, but rather bludgeon them with themes of violence and a technological subserviance/apocalypse. If you crave well paced creations that Willowtip Records would cream themselves over, then pick up the digital or physical version of Predatory Harvest at THIS LOCATION!

Utter Blackness may have called it a day, but the one-man US black metal act has made its second full-length effort available on Bandcamp in both digital and stricly limited physical means. So what, you ask? Well, simply put, it’s an impressive nod to the early days of the genre, notably of Darkthrone‘s earlier releases. The most impressive fact is that the man, or should I say teenager behind the project, recorded the first demo when he was only fifteen years old if the given date of birth I’ve stumbled across is correct. Fast forward to 2015 and we’re at the final full-length to be released titled Nimble Existence. If you missed out, now is your chance to check out this incredibly unknown act’s swansong first hand, and be impressed at what many of us missed out on.

Feature article thanks to public streams available on Bandcamp.