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Bandcamp Breakdown

I know I normally present at least five releases with this series, but, truthfully, I just didn’t really come across all that much worthwhile since the last time I did a breakdown of Bandcamp. So, this week, there’s only three, but they’re well worth checking out, I sweat! Sadly, there’s no free downloads, but hey, we’re talking quality here as opposed to instant gratification. It’s substance over abundance this week, so buckle down and prepare to discover three new releases you otherwise would have overlooked. And, as always, if you know something I don’t, feel free to shoot me a message at with the subject “BANDCAMP BREAKDOWN” for consideration in the next round!

In Twilight’s Embrace is a Polish death metal group well worth paying attention to, especially at this current time. Having signed with Arachnaphobia Records, the band is gearing up to unleash a brand new three song EP this May, because a full-length effort back in September of last year (their third and counting, mind you) apparently wasn’t enough to unleash the group’s aggression. Riddled with bleak and insanely infectious hooks and harsh screaming the likes of At The Gates would instantly take notice of, The Grim Muse stands as their finest opus yet, and one well deserving of your attention if you missed out. You can check out the stream above, and if you like what you hear, hit up the group’s Bandcamp account to grab it digitally or on CD.

Hopeless. Uncompromising. Soul crushing. These are just three words that easily sum up Wry‘s first ever demo offering, Neophytic Congeries. The Russian black/doom metal act tears into the listener with trudging, subterranean assults soaked with additional death metal prowess across three brutally unforgiving performances. There’s little more than can be said that two sentences haven’t already spoke volumes of, so check out the stream above, then click HERE to place your order of the limited run cassette while in stock, or the digital version if you prefer.

Miss the early days of Iron Maiden? Don’t worry, Madrid, Spain’s Ariete have you covered. Following their initial live recording release, this vintage heavy metal group lines their studio debut five-song EP Asedio with one infectious riff after another reminiscent of the glory days of the NWOBHM movement. And, much like the obvious inspirations of the years gone by, this carries more of an analog presence to further capture that very spirit, which it does superbly. If you’re up for a quick journey down memory lane, you can pick this digital effort up for four euros at THIS LOCATION.

Feature article thanks to public streams available on Bandcamp.