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Bandcamp Breakdown

Well, looks like it’s time to unveil some kick ass music from the quickly growing digital source known as Bandcamp. From new offerings to some that have been sitting on the back-burner you possibly overlooked, here’s a few recommendations for you to check out currently available on that very site. And, as always, if you know something I don’t, feel free to shoot me a message at with the subject “BANDCAMP BREAKDOWN” for consideration in the next round!

Not long into the first track off Under Toxic Control, and I was already loudly proclaiming “how the hell is this band not signed?!” given the current tide of thrash metal band success. Blending together crossover thrash and groove heavy compositions, Toxic Evolution‘s debut EP takes everything that made the eighties thrash scene so damn great, and why the current iteration of bands inspired by the likes of Slayer, Kreator and the like, is one well worth picking up while the getting’s good. So check out the darker aggression above, and be sure to grab your digital or physical copy (while you can) at THIS LOCATION.

Do you miss the days of Mortician? Well, Kill the Whore definitely did. Planting lengthy horror movie samples within a brutal death metal world not shy of hitting the listener with infectious Cannibal Corpse grade riffs just behind the drum machine, this raw self-released follow-up album is a welcome contender for those dying for some defilement and goregrind. No, it’s not the longest album you’ll come across, but these eight originals (combine with a Brujeria and Cannibal Corpse cover) still remain as highly impressive at the NSFW cover art is gorey as hell. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then head on over to Bandcamp at THIS LOCATION and plunk down the few dollars to make this digital release part of your collection today!

From the moment “Fade” started up, I knew I was in for something special with Sorrow Plagues. The UK-based solo atmospheric black metal act’s self-titled debut is one of the most awe-inspiring of the style to have come out this year, and will easily remain one of the best black metal efforts of 2016. Moving keyboards and riffs complimented by the rich rumble of the bass guitar paints a vastly bright and surprisingly uplifting effort reminiscent of Alcest without the shoegaze, though you could argue it is present in some of the hooks utilized. Grand and inspiring, even with the sinister background rasps, Sorrow Plagues is something fans of the genre as a whole shouldn’t pass up hearing at least once in their life. To grab your digital copy, CLICK HERE.

Italy’s Obscure Devotion has been around since 1996. Chances are, however, that you’ve probably never heard their material, let alone heard of them. The three-piece black metal entity’s discography is incredibly sparse. Aside two demos, the group’s debut album dropped in 1999, and a follow-up in 2006. About ten years later, and we have their third album, Ubi Certa Pax Est. It’s a solid example of the genre with more of a death metal technicality present in many of the songs, though not enough to really consider them another entry to the modern black/death metal world. While nothing jaw-droppingly spectacular or close to redefining the genre as a whole, the trio do a fantastic job of creating hard-hitting compositions that move at a sturdy enough pace to keep you engaged each romp through. If you haven’t heard of these guys before, now’s your chance to check out what they’re capable of at THIS LOCATION, where you can also check out their two previous major releases as well.

Heavy metal and thrash metal converge on Blindrage‘s self-titled debut album, and it’s quite the glorious nod to the heyday of the metal genre as a whole. Citing inspiration from Annihilator and Testament on their official Bandcamp page, you can still pick up on some hardcore touches from the crossover world bands like Municipal Waste thrive in, not to mention some straight-out heavy metal machismo a la Judas Priest, not to mention some Helloween for good measure, all meshed together into one highly addicting offering. Now enough talking, as words simply don’t need to be said. Instead, pick up your digital copy at THIS LOCATION right now.

Feature article thanks to public streams available on Bandcamp.