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Barren Harvest: Subtle Cruelties

The time has come. Introspective doom/folk duo Barren Harvest’s new album, Subtle Cruelties, is now available from esteemed tastemakers Handmade Birds. Vice music portal Noisey is currently streaming the album in all its sorrowful majesty at this location, noting its “Sprawling and epic passages marked by acoustic guitar, ambient-y keys and tons of reverb.”

Accolades for the band’s efforts have poured in. Pitchfork commented on their “gilded folk that might have fitted in David Tibet’s Durtro roster,” Decibel praised the album: “Without exaggeration, without overstatement, the near-fifty-minute debut album wraps insistent fingers around listeners’ brains and somehow drags them beneath, not above, corporeality,” and Invisible Oranges marveled, “The whole album is a gorgeous ache.” The AV Club has praised the album as well, saying “Built around acoustic guitar, synthesizer, autoharp, and the spectral voices of Smith and Way, the album evokes dusky woodlands, pools of shadow, and the beautiful horrors they contain.”

Barren Harvest is a somber, ethereal collaboration between Smith (Atriarch) and Way (Worm Ouroboros). The music composed by these two creative veterans is cold and bright, pierced by measured silence and whispering tones, swells of synth, haunting guitars and autoharp. Dark, refined neofolk meets ambient post-punk in a ghostly fog as dual voices lament lost loves, decaying flesh, and Nature’s fragile beauty.

The Northwestern duo have found a home on the eclectic roster of Handmade Birds, and have just released their debut LP, ‘Subtle Cruelties,’ today, March 25, 2014. The album is now available on CD and LP and come graced by elegant artwork by Kevin Gan Yuen and photography by Veleda Thorsson and Jessica Way.

Barren Harvest
Barren Harvest

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