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Irreversible Mechanism: Infinite Fields
Progressive Death Metal, Technical Death Metal
Blood Music
March 31st, 2015
Release length: 39:15

I had only been awake a good twenty minutes when I happened upon a Youtube video shared by Greg Baczmarga, guitarist of Beyond Fallen and a good friend of mine, losing his shit that the new Necrophagist album had dropped last year, unbeknownst to us all. I admit, I lost my shit as well. How did the new Necrophagist slip by him, the lover of all things technical and brutal death, as well as myself unnoticed? And, furthermore, why was my inbox not exploded with press releases and requests for coverage as sometimes happens with these sort of high-profile releases following an exuberantly lengthy gap of silence? Well, had we both read the album description instead of going on pure hype or my taking the old-fashioned route of journalistic research (i.e. Google), we’d have found the culprit much earlier on than we did.

No, the video in question is not a legal or illegal stream of some new Necrophagist album titled The Withering. Instead, it is a brilliant promotional tactic by site user “Is it d3d?”, who seems to just be a fan, to push the existence of the technical/progressive death metal group Irreversible Mechanism. I mean, not only did it temporarily fool me in a “I just woke up” haze, but it got me to listen, which is the most important aspect of a successful promotional push. So much so that I bumped the EP I initially intended to talk about in this post for this very recording.

I can’t say that I enjoyed the extensive introduction too much of this album, which is really the only gripe I truly had about my experience with this offering. Even after giving the full effort a complete once over I still wasn’t too enthused with the track’s length, even when the effort calls back on it from time to time, such as during the conclusion of “Outburst”. However, what followed was a very interesting release that carried a subtle classical inspiration behind booming, often highly technical, and mostly dark and brooding landscapes that set up more of an apocalyptic technological atmosphere than anything else. Fairly quick I found myself pulling out some mild Opeth comparisons as far as some of the tone and speed changes of the release were concerned, though more akin to the well received Obscura album Cosmogenesis. In fact, had this been passed off as an unreleased effort from that latter group, I’d actually have believed it a lot longer than it being a supposedly new Necrophagist surprise album release.

That said, I actually found myself really enjoying this effort, and quite happy I was tricked in a moment of mental weakness from my momentary state of comatose. Sadly, the physical version has sold out, but you can probably find it on-line through second-hand retailers. If not, Blood Music has made the album available as a “name your price” download “as we do not want pirates to profit from this music.” It is encouraged to donate some money (they even include a budget tier on the page) and, really, I feel throwing a few euros the band/labels way for this effort is well worth it. Infinite Fields is a well paced piece of technical/progressive death metal that deserves to stand tall with many of the well-respected names within both of those fields. In fact, this debut outing has quickly cast Irreversible Mechanism into my list of bands to keep an eye on, and anxiously await their follow-up while I scour the net for a physical copy to add to my collection.

Irreversible Mechanism
Irreversible Mechanism

Article based on a public download/stream from Blood Music.