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Bear Haven Nights

With the Five Nights at Freddy’s craze still in full swing, I intended to review the recent RPG entry as my return to Youtube following the mental breakdown that occurred at the end of my Morphine long play. However, Scott Cawthon decided to pull it, and left a huge hole in my schedule. Thankfully SunRay Games came to the rescue when they released their entry into the survival security guard horror genre with the mobile port of Bear Haven titled Bear Haven Nights! Check out what this game has in store, and how it treads away from the established format, as Apoch Plays returns for 2016 as the new electrician of Bear Haven Motel!

Bear Haven Nights can be purchased from Steam at THIS LOCATION. It was developed and published by SunRay Games. The title was made available through Steam on January 29th, 2016, and features achievements and trading cards.

Game provided by personal funds.