Review – Boss Kong: The Humans Soundtrack Volume II

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  • Label: Magic Bullet Records
  • Release Date: April 18th, 2015
  • Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
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Who, or what, is Boss Kong? Do you really want to know the answer to that? It’s a question that may find you face down in the gutter with your face stomped against the curb. Or at the very least your local comic book store, as Boss Kong is a crossover/tie-in with the Image Comics series The Human. It’s a series set in the late sixties to early seventies California, where an all-simian biker gang from Bakersfield runs rampant. The leader, Boss Kong, happens to be one of the fan favorites of the series, thus bringing to life this entity of mysterious Metal figureheads for The Humans Soundtrack Volume II, a two song Record Store Day 2015 exclusive from Magic Bullet Records. But is this slab of vinyl gritty enough to accentuate the biker gang dynamics, or is this just a gimmick that falls flat on its face?

In keeping with the concept of the sixties to seventies era, The Humans Soundtrack Volume II presents a raw sounding biker gang Hard Rock. Distant guitars and a simpler drum performance sound as dirty as they do rich with attitude. The vocals, however, are fairly flat in an echoed first wave of Black Metal style harsher approach. Picture Chrome Division laced with the atmospheres of early Ghost, but a lot more restricted with vocals that sound flat, but oddly animalistic.

“Ride to Die” just sounds like a rough open road anthem full of aggressive lyrics that build up the ape-man concept of the comic this vinyl EP is inspired by. Lyrics about the basic fundamentals of many biker and biker gang beliefs are present, not to mention ape-on-human violence. If you didn’t know what this was based on, you might actually think it racism as we may see it, but the monkeyman in question are actual an ape/monkey hybrid, allowing more leeway to just sit back and enjoy the song as a whole. “Viet Kong”, however, plays up the haunting atmospheric traits early on, as well as in some bridges, though the overall performance is a lot thinner thanks to the additional hazy effect on the guitars. The big difference is the war-theme that runs throughout, as if Planet of the Apes had crossed with Rambo, which is just a blast despite the overly analog production that holds the music back.

But, if you’re into gimmicky bands like Metalocalypse or even dating back to the days of The Monkees but with a biker theme, Boss Kong is something you might take interest in. There’s no denying some of the members have a Black Metal background, as the early NWOBHM laced with Hard Rock roots of that genre are clearly on display. The Humans Soundtrack Volume II is a nice compliment to the The Human comic series, and just an absolute blast when you throw any pre-conceived notions of Boss King being a serious project out the windpw. If you’re looking for some hatred for humanity through a chimp’s view point, or just want something incredibly obscure to show off to your friends, The Humans Soundtrack Volume II is something worth checking out.

Boss KongDigital review copy of this release provided by Magic Bullet Records via Earsplit PR.