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Blut Aus NordFrance’s legendary atmospheric/ambient black metal act Blut aus Nord has just made an announcement via their official Facebook that a new release is in the works, and an eatimated release date. According to the post (screen capped below) is due for some time in October of this year.

Blut Aus Nord: Facebook Post

At this time, there is no mention of which label it will be released through. Recently, the band’s material has been handled by Debemur Morti Productions including their ‘Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry’ in 2014, as well as their 2016 ‘Codex Obscura Nomina’ split with Ævangelist in 2016.

Originally formed in 1993 as Vlad, Blut aus Nord came to be a year later. The band hail;s from Mondeville, Normandy, France. Over the years their material has fallen between atmospheric black metal, avant-grade, industrial, and dark ambient.

Bliut aus Nord has also made a majority of their material available through their official Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION.

Blut Aus NordArticle composed by Apoch Weiss.