Review – Cannibal Accident: Lennu 7″

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Review – Cannibal Accident: Lennu 7″
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Cannibal Accident: Kovat Ajat
Death Metal, Grindcore
Nailjar Records
August, 2013
Release length: 8:18
According to the accompanying press release, Turku’s Cannibal Accident was founded to bring “oldschool Grindcore with quality mosh parts,” and Lennu delivers on this promise in many ways. This seven inch vinyl is only a little more than minutes long, but it wastes no time, exploding right away with “Orgiastic Hypothermia” and it’s furious blasting verses and raspy shouting that give way to an infectious mosh-inducing Death Metal groove and additional gutturals you’ll instinctively bang your head along to.

“Chili Con Carnage” continues this format with a violent grinding assault with catchy drumming that compliments the faster pace as much as the mid-tempo two-stepping about a minute in designed to amp up the crowd, and executes it perfectly, leaving you wanting a little more, which is delivered on “Total End,” sticking with that drum beat for most of the song. But, while much of the recording is great, “Dawn of the Dead” is the only downer, which is a straight forward Death Metal track similar to groups like Impaled, but is hindered by the somewhat lackluster gutturals and pig squeals, making this the only lower point to a solid nod to the early days of Grindcore and Death Metal, when Napalm Death and Nasum ruled the genre’s roost.

01. Orgiastic Hypothermia – 1:46
02. Nuclear Semenstorm – 0:53
03. Chili Con Carnage – 1:36
04. Total End – 1:36
05. Dawn of the Ded – 1:17
06. Rectum Loosener – 1:10
Initial Pressing Score: 8/10

Cannibal Accident
Cannibal Accident

Digital review copy of this release provided by Nailjar Records via Infektion PR.