Review – Carnage Inc.: Fury Incarnate

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  • Bio: "Getting the aggression of the bay area thrash scene and fusing it with modern sensibilities to give a fast paced and heavy dose of no-frills thrash to make your head bang." - Facebook
  • Label: Transcending Obscurity Distribution
  • Release Date: August 1st, 2016
  • Genre: Groove Metal, Speed Metal, Thrash Metal
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Transcending Obscurity Distribution always has a knack for finding some of the best Indian and middle eastern talents, and doing what they can to pull them right to the forefront of the metal world. This is no exception for the recent signing of old-school thrashers Carnage Inc.. The four-piece act is issuing their debut five song EP Fury Incarnate today [August 1st, 2016] to the unsuspecting masses, riding off a steady storm of praise for their old-school ways. But does this particular act bring anything substantial to the table, or is it nothing but worship with a middle eastern accent?

Well, one answer would be that there is a lot of hesitation and build-up. “Dawn” starts Fury Incarnate in a very science fiction manner, offering up a classically inspired barren wasteland that would best suit the opening credits of action flicks of that style like The Terminator or Escape from New York, all without the synths of course. Even when that’s over, “Defiled” spends some time scanning radio channels before settling on a news clip about the Tylenol pharmaceutical contamination in Chicago back in 1982. And still, more waiting as the introduction to this song’s introduction, the one that follows the album introduction, slowly walking back and forth debating on whether or not it wants to finally explode. That hesitation is still felt in the main verses as the pent-up aggression getting ready to burst leaves you pacing around the room as if about to kick off a circle pit but you just need the cue to do so. That approval is granted during the chorus, but it still feels withdrawn, as if listening to Slayer post-anger therapy before a mental breakdown occurs around three-and-a-half minutes in.

That said, when the band finally casts the chains off and unloads, there’s no denying an obvious so-cal influence to the material. Title track “Fury Incarnate” starts off with more of a Municipal Waste sound crossed with early Sepultura hostility. The former kind of bares its fangs more as the song continues, channeling its inner Slayer towards the end with a tight “Raining Blood” grade guitar solo. Suicidal Tendencies is another group that comes to mind throughout that performance, as well as during “Day of Delirium”. The anger found within is met with some interesting hooks like something Atheist would utilize. However, by the half-way point, you’re given more of a creepy undertone in those very notes as the pace pretty much comes to a crawl to wrap things up.

And finally there’s the closing track “Ungod”, which just kind of feels out-of-place at times. The band has admitted that their music is reminiscent of Metallica among other bands in a brief statement to, and no track confirms that fact more than this one. Things start off in a Master of Puppets manner before diving into some down tuned chugging and subtle Pantera grooves with more of that bay-area sound à la Exodus. It’s all pretty good, but what stands out the most is the conclusion, in which things seem to take on more of a progressive tone with the band’s middle eastern roots incorporated through the slower held hooks in the background.

Carnage Inc.

For a release that is seeing plenty of praise across the board, Fury Incarnate stands as a pretty disappointing EP if those are the standards it has to live up to. This isn’t to say it’s all bad. In fact, the further in you get the better it becomes, even with “Ungod” and how it can sound a bit out-of-place at times. One spin through this EP and you’ll realize the band is still finding their way, looking for a direction in their so-cal inspired Mumbai thrash output. Fury Incarnate has a number of good ideas throughout and, when the group finally pulls the trigger after a fair amount of time hesitating to do just that, you can’t help but feel energized by the band’s appreciation to the old-school sound and ability to craft it into their own instead of just carbon copying another act’s signature. For a debut outing, this is one worth experiencing more for the groundwork of what’s to come, as there’s no denying Carnage Inc. has the chops to unleash something very promising soon if they continue to grow and nurture their output.

Digital review copy of this release provided by Transcending Obscurity Distribution.