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A title that has been on Apoch’s wishlist for a little while now, Project RIP has finally dropped on Steam. The first-person shooter title pits you as a hired gun to go out and harvest the souls of the undead, a description prime for live streaming. Right? Well, a few nights ago, Apoch gave it a shot and was left shouting “Bring out your dead!” during this half of the live stream.

APOCH PLAYS – Dead by Daylight #64: They Couldn’t Handle My Hag

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In this episode we bring together two matches from two separate nights. Up first is a round as Adam Francis as I attempt to claim one of the last adept survivor achievements I Have yet to unlock. The finale, however, finds The Hag on the hunt once more as she lurk the many halls in the Treatment Center of Lery’s Memorial Institute. Will I survive, and can the others handle my Hag?

APOCH PLAYS – Dead by Daylight #62: The Great Voyeurism Glitch

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It’s a bit of a rough match, but Meg is in the fog once more and looking to escape the blade of The Legion, one of my favorite killers to play as being used against me! We also get to go all voyeruristic with a rare camera glitch… Watch the madness in this latest episode of Apoch Plays Dead by Daylight.