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New Metal Releases: May 21st, 2013

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After a large, kick ass week of releases, heavily dominated by Death Metal nonetheless, We’re staring at yet another smaller window. With only twenty-five albums being released State-side today, it’s easy to get a general idea of what’s to come. However, none of these are more anticipated than A Pale Horse Named Death, and in the more radio friendly circles, the new Airbourne. Below is a list of all the new releases due out, and all available coverage posted to this website.

Acherontas: Amenti (World Terror Committee)
Airbourne: Black Dog Barking (Roadrunner)
Burning Rain: Epic Obsession (Frontiers)
Circle: Six Day Run (Ektro)
Decaying: The Last Days Of War (Hellthrasher)
Death Of An Era: The Great Commonwealth EP (Artery)
Erlen Meyer: Erlen Meyer (Shelsmusic)
Extrema: The Seed Of Foolishness (Scarlet)
Fact: Burundanga (Good Fight)
For The Broken: Aurora (Imminence)
Gaytheist: Hold Me…But Not So Tight (Good To Die)
Hebosagil: Lähtö (Ektro)
Masteroid: MMXIII (Inverse)
NK: Nothing To Be Gained Here (Triple Crown)
A Pale Horse Named Death: Lay My Soul To Waste (SPV)
Palisades: Outcasts (Rise)
The Poodles: Tour De Force (Frontiers)
PTSD: A Sense Of Decay (My Kingdom)
Ruindom: In The Eyes Of Death (Inverse)
Saffire: From Ashes To Fire (Inner Wound)
Satan: Life Sentence (Listenable)
Svart Crown: Profane (Listenable)
Timo Tolkki’s Avalon: The Land Of New Hope (Frontiers)
U.D.O.: Steelhammer (AFM)
Zed: Desperation Blues (I And I)

New Metal Releases: May 14th, 2013

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After a nice seven day period with a smaller amount of releases, we’re met with yet another extensive release week in North America. However, it’s a pretty strong set of albums, and guaranteed to way heavy on everyone’s wallets… Especially mine! Below you’ll find a list of all the releases due out today, as well as all available coverage for them posted on this site.

Adoran: Adoron (Consouling)
Ape Machine: Mangled By The Machine (Ripple)
Arckanum: Fenris Kindir (Season Of Mist)
Artizan: Ancestral Energy (Pure Steel)
Beyond Creation: The Aura (Season Of Mist)
Beyond Mortal Dreams: Dreaming Death (Lavadome)
Black Cowgirl: Black Cowgirl (Restricted Release)
Cultura Tres: Rezando Al Miedo (Devouter)
Death Dealer: War Master (Steel Cartel)
Death Ray Vision: Get Lost Or Get Dead (Bullet Tooth)
Devil: Gather The Sinners (Soulseller)
The Dillinger Escape Plan: One Of Us Is The Killer (Sumerian)
Enshine: Origin (Rain Without End)
Entrails: Raging Death (Metal Blade)
Escape The Fate: Ungrateful (Eleven Seven)
Extinction Protocol: Aeonic Obliteration (P2)
Fatal Smile: 21st Century Freaks (FS)
From Far Away: Recover Repeat (At Your Command)
Gravewurm: Infernal Minions (Hells Headbangers)
Heart In Hand: Almost There (Siege Of Amida)
Hexvessel: Iron Marsh EP (Svart)
Immolation: King Of Conspiracy (Nuclear Blast)
Intoxicated: Rock N Roll Hellpatrol (Hells Headbangers)
Kadavar: Abra Kadavar! (Nuclear Blast)
Killing Joke: The Singles Collection (Spinefarm)
Kings Destroy: A Time Of Hunting (War Crimes)
Lifeforms: Multidimensional (Lifeforce)
Mortal Form: The Reckoning (My Kingdom)
The Monolith Deathcult: Tetragrammaton (Season Of Mist)
My Dying Bride: The Manuscript EP (Peaceville)
Negator: Gates To The Pantheon (Prosthetic)
Ocellus: Departure (Pavement)
Orchid: The Mouths Of Madness (Nuclear Blast)
Pop Evil: Onyx (eOne)
The Resistance: Scars (Armoury)
Steve Von Till: As The Crow Flies (2013 Reissue) (Neurot)
Thinning The Herd: Freedom From The Known (Saint Marks)
Tribulation: The Formulas Of Death (Invictus)
Trucker Diablo: Songs Of Iron (Ripple)
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats: Mind Control (Metal Blade)
UtopiumVicious Consolation / Virtuous Totality (Bleak)
Vindictiv: Cage Of Infinity (Escape)
Zolle: Zolle (Supernatural Cat)
Zombiefication: At The Caves Of Eternal (Pulverised)

New Metal Releases: May 7th, 2013

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For fans of Metal, your wallets are safe this week… Kinda… It’s been a while since we’ve seen a small release week, but for as little as there will be, this is a week of pure quality from some of the biggest names and labels, down to the deep underground. And there’s only one re-issue on the list! Below is a list of all the albums due out today in North America, as well as all available coverage this site has for them.

Acolyte: Alta (Mordgrimm)
Amber: Lovesaken (Halo Of Flies)
The Amenta: Flesh Is Heir (Listenable)
Atrocity: Okkult (Napalm)
Control Human Delete: The Prime Mover (Code 666)
Delain: Interlude (Napalm)
Dug Pinnick: Naked (MVD)
Earthling: Dark Path (Forcefield)
F.K.U.: 4: Rise Of The Mosh Monsters (Napalm)
Freedom Call: Ages Of Light (SPV)
Gama Bomb: The Terror Tapes (AFM)
Gloomball: The Distance (SPV)
Grime: Deteriorate (Forcefield)
In The Silence: A Fair Dream Gone Mad (Sensory)
Kingdom Come: Outlier (SPV)
Magister Templi: Lucifer Leviathan Logos (Cruz Del Sur)
Metal Law: Lawbreaker (2013 Reissue) (Metal On Metal)
Mpire Of Evil: Crucified (Deadline)
Nordheim: Refill (Maple Metal)
Rhapsody Of Fire: Live (AFM)
Sacred Gate: Tides Of War (Metal On Metal
Sadgiqacea: False Prism (Candlelight)
Sidious: Ascension to the Throne ov Self (Kaotoxin)
Sodom: Epitome Of Torture (SPV)
Temple of Thieves: Passing Through The Zeros (Goomba)
Tormented: Death Awaits (Listenable)
V8 Wankers: Got Beer? (SPV)
Vicious Rumors: Electric Punishment (SPV) [raw review]

New Metal Releases: April 30th, 2013

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There are a few reissues to be found here once more, but, for the most part, this is one of the most solid weeks of offerings that the Metal world has graced us yet. Below is a list of all the albums due out today in North America, as well as all available coverage this site has for them.

Agrimonia: Rites Of Separation (Southern Lord)
Amorphis: Circle (Nuclear Blast)
Arsis: Unwelcome (Nuclear Blast)
Altar Of Plagues: Teethed Glory and Injury (Profound Lore)
Avantasia: The Mystery Of Time (Nuclear Blast)
Battle Dagorath: Cursed Storm of the Ages (De Tenebrarum Principio)
The Body: Master, We Perish (At A Loss)
Bone Sickness: Alone In The Grave (20 Buck Spin)
Cathedral: The Last Spire (Metal Blade) [feature article]
Cauldron: Tomorrow’s Lost (Earache)
Coliseum: Sister Faith (Temporary Residence)
Corsair: Ghosts of Proxima Centauri (2013 Reissue) (Shadow Kingdom)
Deep Purple: Now What?! (Eagle Rock)
Famous Last Words: Two-Faced Charade (InVogue)
Freedoms Reign: Freedoms Reign (Cruz del Sur)
Heaven Shall Burn: Veto (Century Media) [first impression]
Hessian: Manégarmr (Southern Lord)
HIM: Tears On Tape (Razor & Tie)
Howl: Bloodlines (Relapse)
Hybrid: Angst (Deepsend)
Louna: Behind A Mask (Red Decade)
Mechanical Swan: Black Dawn Romance (Bakerteam)
The Melvins: Everybody Loves Sausages (Ipecac)
Monarque: Lys Noir (Sepulchral)
Moonreich: Terribilis Est Locus Iste (ATMF)
NightShade: An Endless Vision (Bullet Tooth)
The Ocean: Pelagial (Metal Blade)
Purson: The Circle And The Blur Door (Metal Blade)
Pushmen: The Sun Will Rise Soon On The False And The Fair (The End)
Rainbow: Live In Munich 1977 CD/DVD (Eagle Rock)
Redrum: Victims Of Our Circumstances
Revelation: Inner Harbor (Shadow Kingdom)
Sacrilegious Impalement: III:Lux Infera (Woodcut)
Simulacro: Fall Of The Last Idol (De Tenebrarum Principio)
Soul Of Steel: Journey To Infinity (Bakerteam)
Starkill: Fires Of Life (Century Media)
Ugly Kid Joe: Stairway To Hell (MRI)
Watertank: Sleepwalk (Solar Flare)
Yellow Eyes: Hammer Of Night (Broken Limbs)

Metal Release List: April 23rd, 2013

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Ace Augustine: The Sick And Suffering (Red Cord)
Across Tundras/Lark’s Tongue: Split (Cavity)
Amorak/Hell: Split (Vulture Print)
Beastwars: Blood Becomes Fire (Destroy)
Cold Blue Mountain: Cold Blue Mountain (Vulture Print)
Cult Of The Fox: Angelsbane (Rock It Up)
D-A-D: Dic.Nii.Lan.Daft.Erd.Ark (AFM)
Deadlands: Evilution (Massacre)
Empyrios: Zion (Scarlet)
Gates of Hell: Critical Obsession (Rastilho)
ID: Exorcist: Paths To Exile (Inverse)
Kaledon: Altor: The King’s Blacksmith (Scarlet)
Lair Of The Minotaur: Godslayer EP (The Grindhouse)
Laurasia Awaits Us: Apathy Remains Victorious (Domestic Genocide)
Nahar: The Strange Inconvenience (Avantgarde)
Nicumo: The End Of Silence (Inverse)
Nocturne: Ave Noctem (Do Or Die)
One Inch Giant: The Great White Beyond (Soulseller)
Red Eleven: Idiot Factory (Secret)
Roots Of Pain: Countdown To Armageddon (Memorial)
Slaves On Dope: Covers EP Vol. 1 (THC)
Snowfall: Cold Silence (Escape)
Teardown: Inner Distortions (Inverse)
Thaw: Thaw (Avantgarde)
War & Peace: The Flesh and Blood Sessions (2013 Reissue) (Cleopatra)
Whitesnake: Made In Japan DVD/CD (Frontiers)
Woe: Withdrawal (Candlelight)
XIII: Helltongue (Inverse)
Rob Zombie: Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor (Zodiac Swan)