APOCH PLAYS – Dead by Daylight #63: The Silence is Deafening!

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It’s a survivor two-fer here! Up first it’s Ashley Williams vs. Freddy Kreuger in a nightmarish crossover only Dead by Daylight can make happen at this point! And then it’s Laurie Strode on Lampkin Lane where the biggest threat is the silence itself! It’s an Adept Laurie run in her hometown…

TWITCH REPLAY – May 18th, 2019: Dead by Daylight

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It was one of those nights where I was stuck awake going on twenty-four hours without sleep against my will. So, why not spending some time on Twitch and play some Dead by Daylight as a way to wake up? Win or lose didn’t matter, all that did was having fun and staying awake. Mission accomplished in this night of random survivor rounds. I also noticed I seem to survive better on little to no sleep…

SITE UPDATE – Quick Notes for May 5th, 2019

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This is just a quick post to let you all know that this site is going through some massive renovations. Fizz is trying to optimize the site, so bare with any odd image placement and whatnot in the weeks to come. I am also working on incorporating the Apoch Plays/Twitches side of things here. I have not given up on metal outright, and there are a few reviews waiting to be posted, so stay tuned. Disqus has also been disabled for the time being. That said, hope you enjoy you time here and the changes that are being made, and thank you for your patience.