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Review – Ghost Bath: Starmourner

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The once mysterious depressive/post-black metal group Ghost Bath is one of those units that has divided the fan base of an entire genre. Their blend of emotionally charged material, crazed wails, and bouts of anime theme song influence have left people on one side or the other with each new release. Their most recent, Moonlover, an independent effort later picked up by Nuclear Blast for distribution upon signing the five-piece from Minot, North Dakota, has actually received a fair amount of negativity across the board. However, loyal fans who appreciate what they are doing have been anxiously awaiting the follow-up album Starmourner, which is finally upon us. But have the group improved their sound to swoon the naysayers, or will the die-hards not even find this one all that engaging?

Review – Pugtopsy: Snorts of Sorrow

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Did you know pug fronted deathcore existed? Yeah, neither did I until the other day. Pugtopsy joins the ranks of acts like Hatebeak and Caninus, though as more of an April Fools Day gag than anything else. And this is where the follow-up single Snorts of Sorrow (yes, there was one other released back in 2013) comes into play for Artery Recordings. But does the punch-line really live up to the concept?

News – Superjoint Reveal Spring 2017 Tour Dates

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SUPERJOINT will take on part two of their Caught Up In The Gears Of Application US live takeover next month. The tour will make its way west from San Antonio, Texas in mid-April through mid-May with additional dates to be announced in the coming weeks.