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Children of Bodom: Halo of Blood
Melodic Death Metal, Power Metal
Nuclear Blast Records
June 7th, 2013
Release length: 41:46
One of the most anticipated releases within Metal today has to be the new Children of Bodom album, Halo of Blood. With the past few albums being hit or miss with their fanbase, their popularity has not yet diminished, nor has the hope they would return to their roots. With the recent release of “Halo of Blood” and “Transference” as streaming audio singles, many see glimmers of promise that this hope will be reached. But, does Halo of Blood deliver a solid effort on what the fans are expecting, or is this just another modern Children of Bodom album that will be dismissed by many?

0. Waste of Skin – 4:17
0. Halo of Blood – 3:13
0. Scream for Silence – 4:10
0. Transference – 3:58
0. Bodom Blue Moon (The Second Coming) – 4:14
0. The Days Are Numbered – 3:41
0. Dead Man’s Hand on You – 4:58
0. Damage Beyond Repair – 4:21
0. All Twisted – 4:52
0. One Bottle and a Knee Deep – 4:02
Initial Pressing Score: 9/10

Children of Bodom
Children of Bodom

Digital review copy of this release provided by Nuclear Blast Records.