Review – Circle of Silence: One Moment of Hatred

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Review – Circle of Silence: One Moment of Hatred
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Circle of Silence: One Moment of Hate

One Moment of Hate is a two song digital only single from Circle of Silence to promote their upcoming album, The Rise of Resistance. Iaasued through Massacre Records, it includes one song from the impending full-length, and a bonus non-album track, though neither really stand out.

First is the album cut “One Moment of Hate,” which isn’t anything too jaw-dropping. The music is pretty common for the style, though the vocals can be a bit monotone through the main verses. The chorus is where things get better thanks to the atmospheric hooks. Then there’s “Take Your Life,” a slower track with a litle more range in the vocals, helping out the charging riffs thar are full of energy. While neither ends up as anything awe-inspiring, Circle of Silence makes the effort to make a kick ass single that, unfortunaely, doesn’t quite have the power you would expec.

Score: 7/10
Circle of Silence
Circle of Silence
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