Review – Come Back From the Dead: Caro Data Vermibus

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  • Bio: "Members of NASHGUL and BOKLUK unite to concoct some of the vilest, nastiest old school death metal dripping with filth." - Press release
  • Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
  • Release Date: November 30th, 2017
  • Genre: Death Metal
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Spanish death metallers Come Back From the Dead is a five-piece outfit that has literally done what their namesake suggests. Initially formed in 2008, the act disbanded a year later, only to be revived in 2012 by founding members Marcos (drums, ex-Cenotaph, ex-Asedio) and Hector (Nashgul). ex-Frustradiccion). Bassist Chinin rounded out the line-up, but was replaced by Bokluk‘s Iago in 2014. Ex-Cult of the Ancients guitarist Miguel and Extinction vocalist Paul also joined in 2013 to unleash the group’s debut demo. A year later the debut full-length The Coffin Earth’s Entrails was issued through BlackSeed Productions. Now, three years later, we are greeted with a brand new four song EP titled Caro Data Vermibus, which is being handled by Transcending Obscurity Records. But is this effort a powerful love letter to the golden days of death metal, or is it more of a thrash experience similar to their most recent offering?

Fans of the old-school way will definitely appreciate the mixture of analog and modern-day output, not to mention some of the changes here compared to The Coffin Earth’s Entrails like the vocals. As if torn from the time digital started being incorporated into studios everywhere, you get a crisp yet somewhat dirty nineties sound to the often uneasy death metal brutality comparable to the groove filled assaults of Entombed, thrash-laced annihilations of early Sepultura, and damning melodies of Dismember. The sturdy bass output often helps bolster the varying atmospheres that can be found on all four songs, such as the title track “Caro Data Vermibus” and its doom metal laced opus that drags you through the mud while the reverb heavy vocals grate against your ears as they shout at you to rot away faster until the pace picks up about half way through. Thankfully that speed is short-lived, coming off a bit eighties MTV friendly compared to the contained to only college radio hopelessness before and after (and no, the college radio aspect is not a bad thing).

Meanwhile you have “Vomits of a Demonic Soul”, starting off with a fairly melancholic melody akin to Deceased before picking up the pace with a hint of punk attitude in the groove fuelled riffs and two-step drumming. While never really picking up intensity, you can feel the gradual increase in speed leading to the blastbeats that prolong the drop to a brief depressive slam. “Carnivorous Craving from Beyond” brings forward that unease a little more, especially in the hooks for the chorus that pack a little more energy into the already infectious performance fans of Bloodbath or even Exhumed sans the goregrind element will lovingly devour.

SatyriconWhile it doesn’t quite have the spark to work listeners up into inciting a moshpit where they stand, there’s no denying Caro Data Vermibus will still instantly hook any vintage death metal fans that happen upon it. Blending a genuine understanding of what made the style a driving force in the eighties and nineties to make it as strong as it is today, Come Back From the Dead know just how to manipulate your emotions while forcing your head to bang along or leave you choking in the muck. It’s unfortunate that it took this powerhouse three years to unleash this glorious piece of the macabre upon us, but it was clearly time not squandered. If you enjoy any of the bands mentioned above, then this is a recording you simply need to hear, not to mention an excellent jumping on point for those who have yet to hear anything this group has done thus far.

SatyriconDigital review copy of this release provided by Transcending Obscurity Records.