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Recently, it was announce that the production team behind the reboot of Friday the 13th is back at the helm of the upcoming 2015 sequel to the series. It was also revealed that they are not sure which Jason they want to use, or if they’ll even have the iconic Jason in the movie at all. Tack on the fact that rumors are hinting at a potential found footage release, and all the dedicated fans of the series threw their arms up in butt-hurt disgust. As a loyal fan who has seen all the films, I welcome this concept. But, as I learned, not all my friends feel this way either, which includes Alex Valentovich of the site Apocalyptic Demise.

The argument in question relates to those very issues mentioned on an article posted at It took place on his Facebook account in the comments section of the link he posted. Below is the exchange of text we had on the topic throughout most of the day. And yes, we are both aware we get a little off-topic towards the end, and sometimes have points we kinda forget about. Again, this from between noon and eleven pm eastern standard time.

Alex Valentovich::Shit like this makes me scared.

[Link: Jason Might Not Be In New ‘Friday The 13th’?!]

Apoch Weiss: Oh god forbid a film franchise that didn’t have Jason in one of the films and (from what I read year ago) only meant to be a trilogy with a different killer than Jason in the third one do a film WITHOUT the iconic Jason Vorhees. God for-freakin-bid people. I welcome this change as much as I welcome a follow-up to Jason X which is very, very, VERY much welcome from me.

Alex Valentovich: But it’s also a found footage film!

Essentially it will just be a random ass film carrying the Friday The 13th name.

Alex Valentovich: Well being a die hard fan of the series (I even have a Jason tattoo) I’ll watch any of them but I just want another Jason kill reel film like the first remake. I enjoyed that alot.

Apoch Weiss: I couldn’t stand the first film at all in the fact that they EXPLAINED AWAY what made Jason so frightening. YOU DON’T DO THAT! Friggin’ using a cave and bells. But a change of pace could be interesting.

I love me some Jason and I love me some kill reels. But let’s face it, the death scenes in the new films have NOTHING on the originals, some of which are nods to other Thriller, Horror, even Sci-Fi and Psychological flicks. The movies today blow, period. At least Jason X did something different, and much like with Halloween III, it friggin’ bombed when it in no way should have, especially since I believe by Jason Takes Manhattan the series was technically Science Fiction.

Speaking of Halloween III, I love that film. I wish they kept up with it. But it’s hutt hurt fans (no offense Alex) who are afraid of change, literally as you put it in the post who prevent a series that has gotten rather stale from branching out and being something a little more definitive for this time like it was back when it first came out.

I wouldn’t mind a found footage F13 as long as it’s done right. I wouldn’t mind a non-Jason killer since it’s been done before, and I feel done well. Hopefully this is a sign of them trying to do something different with the F13 franchise, and Jason in general.

Alex Valentovich: I mean make a generic Jason film and please everyone. The die hard fans will like it and the normal people will watch the horror movie.

Try and change it and it could bomb.

Apoch Weiss: This is where we differ. As much as I love a good slasher, I’m tired of the “generic” sequelitis. And rebootis. Why? What’s the damn point? How many teens can Jason kill? I mean, anymore it’s the same film, just a different setting and death scenes that get more and more boring each time. The teens are even more mentally incompetant than the last, the adults are borderline retarded more and more each film, it’s getting old and really quick. So why not try something new that might invigorate a growing stagnant franchise?

Hell, look at the success of the Friday the 13th TV series! It pushed the boundaries, had a decent following, and was a great series that got away with a LOT of shit. And it had NOTHING to do with Jason. I’d even be satisfied with a murder mystery style Friday the 13th. Not every film NEEDS to involve Jason. The real star is Camp Crystal Lake, it’s the main reason for all of this crap. The potential for solid NEW storylines with this franchise is immense, but everyone’s too afraid to let it happen.

Alex Valentovich: Well I mean reboots and reimagenings haven’t had the best success. Nightmare On Elm Street reboot was horrible, Halloween 1 & 2 were ok, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre was decent enough.

Apoch Weiss: That’s why I say do something different! F13 in 2015 is part of the reboot chronology. It has NOTHING to do with the original franchise. You say “reboots and reimagenings haven’t had the best success” but yet you’re on board with a generic slasher sequel to a rebooted franchise. That doesn’t make any sense! If anything you should WANT diversity in a reboot, shouldn’t you?

Look at the initial entry of the reboot you said you loved. Pot fields around Crystal Lake, Jason’s mom was already dead, Jason hunted by bells and whistles. That alone was different and violated from the generic slasher storyline that made up most, if not all of the series. It didn’t work for me. I went in with high expectations of it being Friday the 13th 2, but instead I got a weaker, watered down version that tried something different that didn’t work for me, largely because it made Jason less intimidating and the teenagers even dumber.

I say a found footage film has plenty of possibilities, removes the bells and whistles, and increases the tension. You see what they see, not see Jason in his cave running off when someone steps on a trip wire or something. YOU become the hunted at Crystal Lake, and you have NO idea where he is. This is why I can’t believe you’re not on board with this idea. You’d rather know where he’s coming from, watch generic death scenes, poor acting, irritating characters you want to die (which was never the point of slasher films), and pay the ticket price + popcorn and a soda at a movie theater for a mediocre safe film meant to appeal to the general expectations of everyone familiar with the Friday the 13th brand?

Alex Valentovich: I just worry about the found footage thing. I haven’t seen a mainstream found footage film that I truly loved.

However you then have films like VHS and VHS2 which are nailing the found footage with ease.

Have you seen V/H/S 2 yet?

Apoch Weiss: I wasn’t a fan of VHS 1 and didn’t catch VHS 2 yet. Honestly I LOVE found footage films in the sense that it’s like gazing into an alternate reality. Yeah, movies like Megan is Missing is absolute garbage, but you get the right cast and the right crew, and you can get gold. The Bay is a good example. Wasn’t the most amazing, but it was a well done mix of found footage and documentary for a movie that felt genuinely real despite being non-fiction. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest it

Alex Valentovich: V/H/S/ 2 has by far the greatest horror short ever, made by the guy that did The Raid Redemption. It’s also one of the most violent insane things ever.

Apoch Weiss: I think it’s on Netflix now. I’ll catch it this week. I wanna suffer through Shallow Grave first on demand.