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Crystal Viper

“Prophet Of The End” – the brand new video clip from the Polish female-fronted heavy metal act CRYSTAL VIPER, can be seen at this location.

The song is taken from band’s forthcoming studio album “Possession”, which will be released on Friday 13, December 2013, via AFM Records as a CD, limited edition LP and as a digital download. “This is probably the most unusual song I ever wrote, I sometimes think it’s even best song I ever composed. We decided to film video clip for it, as it’s different than everything CRYSTAL VIPER did in the past. So while people expect straight heavy metal from us, and as we of course deliver such tracks on the new album, this song shows we didn’t say last word as a band yet” says vocalist and guitarist Marta Gabriel. “While working on this video clip, we wanted to achieve similar atmosphere to this one from “Paranormal Activity” movies, or from the “Fourth Kind” with Milla Jovovich, and basically reveal something from the story told on the album. We filmed this clip in Germany with guys from the 3D Maximal company, I think they did a great job and the final result is really cool!” she adds.

Crystal Viper: Possession

“Possession” will include the following tracks:
1. Zeta Reticuli
2. Voices In My Head
3. Julia Is Possessed
4. Fight Evil With Evil
5. Mark Of The Horned One
6. Why Can’t You Listen?
7. You Will Die You Will Burn
8. We Are Many
9. Prophet Of The End

CD bonus track: 10. Thundersteel (RIOT cover song)
LP bonus track: 10. Night Prowler (2013)

On “Possession” – which was once again produced by Bart Gabriel (SACRED STEEL, SABATON, BURNING STARR, MORTICIAN) – CRYSTAL VIPER decided to cross the borders of traditional heavy metal, and while there are still fast and melodic songs that bring references to such classic bands as JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH (with Ronnie James Dio) and JAG PANZER, the epic and dark parts bring comparisons to acts such as CANDLEMASS, MERCYFUL FATE and even BATHORY. CRYSTAL VIPER again invited members of other bands to sing guest parts on new album: the song “Fight Evil With Evil” features the legendary American singer Harry Conklin (JAG PANZER, TITAN FORCE, SATAN’S HOST), while “Julia Is Possessed” contains the growling voice of Sataniac, vocalist of the German black/thrash metal act DESASTER. In addition, one of the songs features more than 50 fans of the band, who were invited via band’s official Facebook page to “scream” on the new album.

Crystal Viper

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