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Mutants of the Monster
“If the truth be known, your generation basically consists of you and your kind, and you are the misfits of mankind, ’cause mankind has lost its man, which we freaks have been desperately trying to find, and though they strove to be stronger, they simply ended up being a monster. So, since the baum of our fathers, I guess we’re all just mutants of this here monster.” – Jim Dandy, Black Oak Arkansas

Southern doom legend-in-the-making CT of RWAKE and the critically-acclaimed ‘Slow Southern Steel’ documentary has teamed up with longtime pal and partner-in-crime David Hall of Handshake Inc. for yet another new project – their most ambitious undertaking yet!

“Starting a label is like starting a gang – you’re only as strong as your weakest member, so you wanna make sure you got some tough and smart streetfighters in your ranks. In terms of music, and just overall passion and joy for creative endeavors, CT is the guy I want in my gang. He knows everybody, he’s always thinking, always got great ideas, is a talented musician himself and like me, he believes in the power of great music. You can’t talk to CT and NOT get excited about music. And that’s what Mutants of the Monster is all about: getting people excited about music,” David Hall stated.

“The point of this label, the first step, is to create an outlet for bands and musicians we really dig to get their music out there. We’re starting off small. Short run cds, and 7 inches. But each release will be beautiful – beautiful artwork, smart design, great music: each release will be an aesthetically valuable thing people will want to hold in their hand and be happy that they own it.”

“Each release will have killer music, and the aim is to get people excited about what we are doing. We are going to start off regionally at first. Get the buzz going that there is a small but mighty record label that works hard to support musicians from Arkansas and the South. Everything is so global these days, it’s easy for a musician or artist to feel overwhelmed and lost and like no one cares. But people do care. Despite all the talk of ‘kids don’t buy music anymore, kids don’t listen to music anymore.’ Well guess what, they do. Maybe not in mass quantities like in the before times, but if you release something made with care and value, that you can get excited about – you’re going to get an audience.”

CT added, “We want to start off small, so no huge pressings as off yet. A SNAKEDRIVER / LASER FLAMES ON THE GREAT BIG NEWS split, EPOCH OF UNLIGHT EP, IRON TONGUE / DIRTY STREETS split, BLACKART / WARR split CD, JUCIFER’s first demo on vinyl, RWAKE’s ’98 EP ‘Xenoglossalgia,’ and a new 7 inch from THE BODY – that’s the stuff that’s definitely coming out. We have tons of ideas for more stuff, too! It is really just 2 guys putting out music with the help from a lot of friends. We want to create a family label where everyone feels like they are a part of the label itself, not just a band on a label.”