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Ctulu: Seelenspiegelsplitter

Lovecraftian black metal act Ctulu have just released their first ever music video to the track “Nachtwind”. The song is originally on their second full-length Sarkomand, however, this music video is a special version of the song; an acoustic one. Yes, black metal goes acoustic! The video was filmed with Harddrive Media in Hamburg and on the shores of the Baltic in Kiel. The black metallers have teamed up with Canada’s for an exclusive premiere.

The band has also made the video available for download for free right here!

The band will re-release their third full-length Seelenspiegelsplitter via Black Blood Records on October 4th. Additionally, Roman Szymura, who is known for his work in AEBA, has joined Ctulu as their permanent drummer.

European tour date:
10/25/2013 – Mannheim (DE)
10/26/2013 – Cork (IRL)
10/27/2013 – Limerick (IRL)
11/15/2013 – Bremen (DE)
12/22/2013 – Nicosia (CY) *** Supporting Rotting Christ ***
23/03/2014 – Till Death Doom Us Part, Bristol (UK)
05-06/06/2014 – Gahlen Moscht Open Air (DE)

Seelenspiegelsplitter is intended to take you on a journey deep into the halls of the Esoteric Order of Dagon where your skin shall become grey as the sea, your eye color will vanish into grey nothingness and your soul shall be bound to the depths of the ocean.


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