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7 Horns 7 Eyes: Throes of Absolution

Long time readers of this site will acknowledge the fact that I greatly dislike bands with Christian themes. This isn’t because I don’t believe, but rather because a lot of times the albums simply suck. I’ve come across too many that go beyond the realm of preachy to the point where I feel the bible being bashes into my skull by some Emo looking chump who screams like he’s having his dangly parts cut off. Of course that’s the most extreme. Sometimes it’s just a horrible production job since it’s all the small Christian label could afford, or the band just had no talent other than making me feel bad for not being part of their belief system. But, I do believe there are some good acts out there. One of them happens to be 7 Horns 7 Eyes, and I just recently got the promo of their upcoming album Throes of Absolution.

Sure, the lyrics do end up feeling a little on the preachy side of things, but after a few casual spins with the album, I haven’t really felt as though I’m a terrible person for not believing. In fact, a lot of times I barely paid any attention to the lyrical content. Instead, I’ve been in awe of the music. I’m the kinda guy who can really get into an album if it has a great atmosphere, and that’s one of the things that Throes of Absolution has going for it. Unfortunately, I haven’t personally been moved to lodge this one in my car stereo, the only place I really get to hear music on a casual level anymore, but I’ve thrown it on during a random gaming session or two on the laptop.

Throes of Absolution carries a pretty slow pace throughout the release, but that really works in their favor. Much of the material utilizes the Melodic Death Metal aspect to create beautiful and passionate tones that can be either dark and ominous, or uplifting and spiritually powerful. One of my favorites off the release is “The Hill Difficulty,” which takes more of a subtle approach to the atmosphere that gives it a moving tone that varies between positive and negative emotions. It’s almost hard to even pick up on the Metalcore elements that come into play thanks to the general speed masking the plethora of breakdowns that seem to litter not just this song, but plenty of others. Sure, you can argue that you hate this style of writing, but in all honesty the breakdowns simply will not be your concern.

Back in late February, the song “Divine Amnesty” was made available as an internet stream, and a three song digital single featuring “Vindicator” and “The Winnowing” off the album, as well as a song that doesn’t appear on this promotional copy entitled “Convalescence” was thrown onto the iTunes marketplace for two dollars [US], which honestly isn’t a bad deal, though really has fallen on deaf ears. On top of that, the debut 7 Horns 7 Eyes self-titled EP is there, though I haven’t had the funds to really look into it to see if it’s any different than what Throes of Absolution has to offer.

As far as up and coming bands go, 7 Horns 7 Eyes is definitely one to keep both eyes on, and an album that shows that not all Christian themed Metal albums suck. Regardless of your religious beliefs, the music here really stands out as a top notch and emotional ride for any fan looking for something really engaging to listen to. The guttural vocals mixed with vibrant environments is something well worth taking the time to experience. In fact, you can do such a thing fo free with the aforementioned audio stream of “Divine Amnesty” at Metal Sucks by clicking here, or heading over to iTunes and sampling or purchasing the EP.