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Ghost Rider

Allow me sum up everything I have to say about this album: Just start banging your head. Now! Even if you’ve never heard of these guys. Even if you’ve never heard a song off this album! Going into this album I had no idea that they have been around since the late nineties. I was unaware they have a plethora of releases including five previous albums. But, the second Holy Shit starts, which is an apt title for this one mind you, it becomes blatently obvious. So, why not get your neck worked up already?

At first I only got a sample of this towards the end of my shift. “Run to the Night” had me immediately hooked to the point where I didn’t give a rats ass and was blasting it while my head banged along. I love the audio quality to this, really capturing the raw analog sound of the early NWOBHM sound that I and many others love so much and miss so dearly. By the end of the song, the simpler lyrics of the chorus were lodged in my head and I started singing along against the softer clean approach. That’s all I really needed to hear to know that Superchrist wasn’t just a honor to the early sound of Metal, or even just a tribute band to it. I knew that this was an album that was fueled by the spirit of the late seventies and eighties.

After a few songs, it was time to leave, and I had to put this one on the back burner for a little while. For the past week, week and a half, my car stereo had been dominated by the new Gory Blister album, but that just came out for the first time since it went in to make room for Holy Shit. On my way back to work the next door, I blasted this bad boy as loud as I could, to the point where my car was rattling and my ears probably have more damage to them than has already been done from the many years of Metal fandom. I caught myself singing along to the simpler lyrics again like “Run to the Night,” pushing the gas pedal all the way to the floor and having a one man in motion party with “Hot Tonight” and the energy it oozes, and “Get Lost” had me banging my head the entire way thanks to how insanely infectious it ultimately was. The combination of rhythm, additional instrument that sounds like a triangle being played but may not be, the Metal edge it holds, and just fun enthusiasm it carries should be a crime.

As it stands, I’m treating this album like a fine wine. I’m slowly making my way through it and enjoying each new track I happen across. Yes, it’s one of those kinds of releases, the kind you really just don’t want to reach the end of so quick, even though you’re dying to hear the rest. This is easily the most authentic eighties experience I’ve had in quite a while. I’m already taking the figurative cost of this album out of my next pay check so I can pre-order this bad boy and have it in my collection. Hell, I’m dying to get my hands on a record player and order the vinyl if it happens to get pressed in that edition, that’s how excited I am for this, and you should be too! As it stands, Holy Shit is easily one of the best underground recordings I’ve heard since I started this site, and is firmly standing atop the best of 2012 list with Accept‘s Stalingrad!

If you have any common sense, then you should definitely be keeping an eye out for this one, and even their earlier material. But, don’t be fooled by the other bands sporting the Superchrist title. While I’m sure they’re all good, I doubt they’re as enjoyable as this.