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This article was a concept I tried to expend for Apoch’s, but unfortunately nobody was up for doing it. Flame, however, did respond and offered up a breakdown for their then upcoming album, March Into Firelands.

Flame: March Into Firelands

Black Realm of Satanas

This is dedicated to true black metal spirit! Lyrics speaks themself, no need to explain! In spirit of Sarcofago, Blasphemy…black metal war!!!


It’s about destruction ritual. Cursing, chanting…I want to dedicated this to my personal inner hatred! Slow doom turning fast and fallen into dark death metal feeling…

Burning Horror

I am huge fan of old horror. My favorite horror character deserve this! Blood if the life! One of the oldest song of the album, pretty catchy. Vein of old school godz!


Dedicated to Quorthon of mighty Bathory. I see him the most influental individual in metal nowadays. Lyrics deal about the land of ours, dark land beyond. Land of eternal fire & wisdom! Epic battle march!

Rites of Endless Hatred

Everyday I wake up I see this world poisoned by cursed religions. This is my rite of freedom…to celebrate my dark demonic existence! Very fast straight ahead song turning midtempo death trap!

Destructive Saint

Those fucking religious fanatic telling about the end of the world! So fucking what? We all gonna die sooner or later, so pray for “destructive saint”, bringer of total destruction!!! Pretty old school madness! Pure live song!

Flaming Magic Assault

This is inspired by great book & movie called “the ninth gate”, one of mine favorite modern movies…riddle of Lucifer…demonic path to greater knowledge…
One of my favorite track…fast and also catchy with rolling thundering drumming!

Gateway to the Birth of Lunacy

Creative lunacy…is it genious? Religious lunacy, good and evil? Is it just one fucking mess??? This is gateway to new demonic birth… This is great track…thundering fast blasting, also dark atmospheric…